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Specific odours are associated with a person and can be linked to forming bonds namely mother to infant. “Smell has emotional, survival and social implications” (Kossen, Kiernan, & Lawrence, 2013, p. 245) where specific odours are unique to individuals. A newborn baby relies on the combination of olfactics and touch to “self-regulate their physiology and behaviour” (Barnard & Brazelton, 1990; Schaal & Durand, 2012, as cited in Hugill, 2015). Olfactory experiences in the womb “assists infant response to odourants sic after birth” (Hugill, 2015, p. 239). An infant’s recognition of their mother stems from her unique maternal body odour and breast milk (Hugill, 2015). Exposure to these familiar smells can reassure infants and help guide with feeding processes (Hugill, 2015). A mother is also able to distinguish her own infants scent in a study done 3-5 days postpartum by (Fleming, Corter, Surbey, Franks, & Steiner, 1995, as cited in Hugill, 2015). Huggill (2015) stressed the importance of skin-to-skin contact with their mothers, noting the psychological benefits including “reinforcing emotional attachments” (Huggill, 2012, p. 239). An infant relies on this olfactory-touch sensory connection with its mother for survival until other aspects of nonverbal communication are learned. The olfactory/haptic (touch) communication channel remains open within the mother-infant attachment even until sight and language are fullydeveloped—providing the relationship with emotional security—even if the infant could not see its mother, through her unique smell, she could be recognised.In conclusion, the olfactory system alongside other forms of nonverbal communication play a significant role in shaping surface judgements of individuals. Facial processing and decision making can be affected by the emotional memory recall of scents. Odour recognition is vital in forming infant-mother bonds, establishing scent-touch communication channels to assist with early survival and feeding habits. Perfume can enhance the wearer’s visual impression, changing their behavioural mannerisms by projecting an appearance of dominance and confidence. On the contrary, poor personal hygiene can 

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