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Special Interest

Special interest tourism often refers to tourists,
generally in a small group, who are travelling to learn, study and gain
experience about specific features and cultures that akin to that specific
location. Specific interest tourism also focus on a wide range of
characteristic from cultural manifestation such as dance, music, fine arts,
handicraft, architecture and the ways of a traditional life. Besides, it can
also focus on unusual economic activities, archaeology and history, as well as
the form of nature based on tourists’ professional interest.  Special interest tourism does not need a
large-scale or highly expensive development of facilities and infrastructure.
Nevertheless, careful organization, knowledgeable guide services, some
integrated transportation facilities and services. At least basic accommodation
and catering facilities are fundamental.

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Special interest tourists are the people that wanted
to gain new experiences and learn new things such as cultures, arts, or
traditional ways of life which will provide them with satisfaction
environmentally. They prefer clean and not pricey places which established with
their interest and research show that they tend to stay longer and determined
to the activities requirement. For them, choosing the right activities is the
main subject more than the price. For example, participants who want to enjoy
snow skiing will of course prefer to travel in winter season or participants
who enjoy bird watching would prefer to travel during the spring or autumn


Special Interest Tourism


External centeredness, willingness to
adapt to the local cultural and behavioural


Based on the local architectural style
or cultural style

Pull items

Authentic pull items, the warm
relation between visitors and hosts.


Interests in local and their authentic
products such as handicrafts.


Cultural, social, economic sensitivity
to the carrying capacity

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