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Sometimes dreams and plans are overlooked, but the truth of the matter is that they play a significant role in the growth of a society. John Amagoalik argued in his work, ‘We Must Have Dreams’ how people, specifically the Inuit, should think about the future in the present moment. A prose type of literature is used as the author uses paragraphs and complete sentences to outline his stand. In his work, the author has primarily focused on teaching the younger generation on the people’s culture. Amagoalik is also interested in the peoples’ history as he sees it as a driving force. There are several ways in which dreams and ideals shape one’s future but the most notable ones are; it helps individual improve their living standards and conserve their culture.    Culture is the foundation of any society, and it should be passed from one generation to the other. The lifespan of any community is based on this aspect, and if it is eroded, it marks the start of its extinction. It is true that the physical aspect of the Inuit’s culture has been diluted by the majority of Caucasians. This erosion of the indigenous people’s culture is the basis used to justify that the society is in the brinks of extinction. However, the author argues that the community has much to boast of as far as their life principles are concerned (paragraph 2). The society should uphold its doctrine regarding its attitude towards life, nature and other virtues. As a result, the members of the society should educate each other on how to stick to these values. It is the role of the older generation to teach the younger one on the virtues the society has upheld over the years (paragraph 3). When this is done, the people will live harmoniously, and they will take good care of the environment. The result will be an improved living condition to the natives.    Historical analysis helps in shaping a bright future for any society. According to Amagoalik, the past determines the present and the present will evaluate how tomorrow will look like (Paragraph 5). The people should, therefore, have good knowledge of the lives of their predecessors. The older people are at the forefront of equipping the children on their ways of life since the start of life. The study of history will help the people foreshadow the future. In such a case, the community will prepare all to handle the unknown. Also, the historical studies provide knowledge on how to deal with problems likely to occur shortly. With the investigation of community history, one can prepare in advance and therefore have a better life.    A future without any initial dreams or ideals is quite challenging. The members of the society have little knowledge of what to expect or achieve. However, prior dreams and planning give the people confidence to face it and be sure of surviving. The best way to plan for the future is to study the past and the present to come up with a dream that will make sure the coming days would be more favourable than those already experienced. It is also good for one to have in-depth knowledge of his or her culture as this will always define the interactions in the society.

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