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that has instrumental value is valuable because it helps us to achieve
something else, it causes other things. For example, internet is instrumentally
valuable because it helps us to connect with the world. Water has instrumental
value, it helps living creatures to continue their lives. Like water, oxygen
has instrumental value too, it is a tool to continue the life. Pencils are
instrumentally valuable, it is medium of writing, people value its function; If
people think computer is more functional or easier, they would start to use
computers to write and give up to use pencils. People value lights for their
comfort not for lights’ themselves. Oven helps people to get meal so it has
instrumental value. Houses has instrumental value because people use it as tool
to take shelter in it but when people find house that is cheaper or more
central, they change their houses. Speaking has instrumental value, it helps
people to communicate with others. Clothes is another example of instrumental
value, we use them to be fashionable and be preserved from weather conditions. Photos
are instrumentally valuable, they feel people happy. Car is instrumentally
valuable, it raises people’s comfort. People value their furniture but when
they get older, people don’t use them anymore and they buy new ones so
furniture are instrumentally valuable. Wealth has instrumental value too, it
brings people pleasure.

value is different from the instrumental value. Things that has intrinsic value
doesn’t cause anything, its value comes from itself. If something is
intrinsically valuable it means it is valuable because of its nature. The right
to live is intrinsic valuable, people value within, itself. Another example is hope,
hope is just valuable by itself, it doesn’t cause anything directly also
conscience, love, happiness has intrinsic value, their values come from within.
Truth has intrinsic value, people don’t value it to achieve something, people value
it and just want to know it for itself. People value art works for their
characteristic and what they feel them so art works are intrinsically valuable

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don’t think that urban environment has any intrinsic value. Urban environment
enables people to work, get healthy care delivery, earn money, get education…
If people find somewhere has better qualities, more opportunities, they change
the urban environment that they live. Urban environment is like a tool for
people to live. People don’t value the urban environment’s characteristic or
itself, they value its opportunities and consequences.

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