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Some things in life just don’t make sense. One example would be those silly things called “rights.” I mean, what’s the point of them anyways? What do they even do? Especially those things called “Transgender rights”, why would anyone want to have equal right as everyone else? It’s silly to believe that everyone deserves the same rights. It’s simply absurd; being treated the same as everyone else by your employers, having insurance companies treat you like ordinary customers. Being able to use the bathrooms that align with your gender; not having to fear for you life on the streets just for being yourself. Really, rights should just be removed from society altogether.    Just consider it, all rights seem to do these days is cause disagreements and near-riots; everything would be so much simpler without them. Lawmakers wouldn’t have to worry about pleasing each separate group of people. Everyone will be more productive without being distracted by being different from everyone else. Everything would be simple, the same, just in a different, easier way. No longer will the generations of the future have to worry about being rejected by their families and friends, or by society in general. No longer  will the president have to make the crowd pleasing speeches, they can decide whatever they want without consequences.Sure, everyone will be angry, perhaps outraged, but they’ll collectively be upset. They’ll all be equally unequal, harmonically miserable. There’d be less disagreements among the people. No more memes making fun of each other for simple things. Who cares about mocking someone with the most “dank” memes on the internet when you’re too busy focusing on what you can do and cannot do. Also instead of breaking car windows and looting stores in attempt to thwart each other; they’d be vandalizing together, for their rights together, not against each other. They won’t have to worry about becoming the most hated troll on all the YouTube comment sections, or on all the hottest social media apps. Everyone will be perfectly accepting because everyone is so focused on assaulting law officials and burning government buildings to even have the time to disown their children. Also transgender citizens won’t have to worry about being assaulted and harassed in the bathrooms anymore; all because everyone will be busy running down the streets, screaming out their anguish at the world. They will also destroy everything in their path out of rage towards the government. Everything will be unequal to the point where its equal.Instead of worrying about wearing certain things so that transgender people wouldn’t get misgendered or fit into a certain stereotype. There should be dress codes; only certain types of clothing is permitted and it all must be unisex. This way girls won’t have to spend hours picking out a perfect shirt to match a certain skirt. Guys won’t have to worry about picking out the right boxers to go with their sagged pants. Everything would be the same and perfectly equal and efficient. Who wants to waste their time focusing on the freedom of expression through the most fabulous outfits when you can get onto your day so much quicker.Now do you see how pointless these “rights” that we as society seem to value are? They’re a waste of time and energy. All they cause is pain and chaos that is directed all over the place. Without rights, the chaos will be rerouted to one singular goal, making it so much more convenient. Everything would be unequal enough to be equal, it’s the perfect solution! No more useless drama over the internet, no more homeless children; just the collective anger of the people towards the government and its lawmakers. Everything will be focused, more unified with their outrage. More productive because angry people are productive, right? No rights for everyone is undeniably the best solution

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