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positive effects of climate change are, the fires as many wildlife and
plant species need the ash afterwards to grow and reproduce, or to clear
away the brush to be able to forage and be able to see an hide from
predators. Humans are attempting to stop fires completely however without
the fires many creatures would go extinct. 
The negatives are that eventually the earth will become to hot in
inhabit an all living things will die. The glaciers are melting meaning
that many shores and places below sea level will be rapidly going
underwater and destroying many homes and places of importance.                                                                                                                                                                      

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extreme weather event I chose was California’s Thomas fire. It affects the
local habitats in both positive and negative ways, for example it will
clear all of the extra plants and weeds in the rivers and forests to make
it so the areas have better flowing rivers, better water access, clearer
forest grounds for the animals, and better soils because of the ash left
behind for the trees that need it survives and reproduce. However if the
fires and to brutal they could completely wipe out all of the trees if
they are to dry too leave nothing left in its path which leads to more


How will California’s devastating fires affect wildlife for years to come?


greenhouse effect heightens the earth’s temperature by cathpuring some of
the heat inside the earth’s atmosphere since it can’t all escape the
atmosphere it slowly warms up the earth. The anthropogenic greenhouse
effect is created by humans with things like for example animal farms and
their waste. While the natural greenhouse effect is caused by the earth
and other natural non-human made sources like the warmth of the sun.


scientific method in which they see the effects of climate change is
fossilized urine. The urine is from and animal called the hyrax that tends
to urinate in the same spot evrytim where eventually too mound of dried
urine turns into a fossil over thousands of year and can show how climate
change has affected leaves pollen an grasses since there are traces of it
in the hyrax urine fossil. Another method used is looking at old daily
naval logbooks from 100 years ago to see what the daily weather was like
back then. Instead of scientist going out to greenland to manually check
the thickness of the ice they put the ice thickness sensors on a couple of
volunteered dog sleds so that the thickness is tracked everyday almost


of the biggest and most important carbon sinks include the ocean although
it’s becoming slowly more an more acidic due to the fact that humans are
producing too much carbon for the ocean too handle, and another carbon
sink is also trees/forest since they consume carbon dioxide and produce
Oxygen. Some big sources for carbon dioxide are the non earth friendly
factories who are constantly polluting, and also the burning and
destruction of trees and forests. Deforestation is a big problem not just
because it is destroying thousands of habitats and making many animals go
extinct that we have not even discovered yet but also because, trees are
carbon sinks meaning they consume the carbon dioxide and when you burn
them down you are letting all of the carbon that it has consumed into the


think that some things the human race could do to stop all of this would
be to convert all of our factories into planet friendly facilities like elon
musk. Everyone should start using solar panels and electric cars. We
should stop destroying forests because we do not need that much space an
stop being selfish because there are other creatures and animals on this
planet, not just humans. Humans should stop killing everything and let the
animals live harmoniously alongside us, we should eat meat in moderation
instead of acting like savages. The problem is that many people can’t
afford to make such a radical change in their lifestyles, so the government
should step in and fix the situation as in my opinion climate change is
far more important than any other problem the earth and its people have
ever gone through. We should take responsibility for the fact that we are
all to blame, and for bringing every other living creature on earth down
with us.

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