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Some people say that coffee is not good for health. But in reality its  actually very good for your healthCoffee has a lot of antioxidants, and researchers have shown that the people drinking coffee has more lifetime than others(they live more), and have a reduced risk of many diseases.***So how does coffee affect our body?****1. ***Keeps you from Depression***Lets just say that coffee is the main reason for the people’s smiling at the morning when they are depressed . There’s much evidence that coffee boosts up your mood .Actually it boosts up   production of dopamine in the brain. Study has shown that a person drinks 4 to 5 cups of coffee in a day then his chances of depression would be less than 20%.. Another theory  proves  that coffee drinkers are half  likely to  suicide than others.2. ***Coffee as possible prevention of diabetes*** More coffee means less chances of diabities type 2. (more coffee but excess of everything is bad).,  Harvard Medical School have shown that it decreases the amount of blood sugar. Yet it is not known that what ingredient of coffee does that .3. ***Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke by Drinking Coffee***According to  Harvard Medical School If you have two or more cups of coffee in a day it means that you have less chance of getting stroke and prevents heart diseases. Infact it is proved that if you take 4 cups of coffe in a day then you have less than 11% chance of getting heart diseases. . It also prevents  cardiovascular disease. .4. ***A cup of coffe may prevent Parkinson’s diseases*** Research has proved that   the coffee could help people who have Parkinson’s disease ,helps them to control their movements. If you dont have Parkinson’s disease then it also helps people to stay away from these diseases by drinking one cup of coffee a day. However, these benefits may vary from men to women.5. *** Coffee to Prevent Gallstones???***Coffee helps us to keep gallstones away from our body . A research in italy has shown that people who regularly drink coffee   were less likely to have gallstones. 6. ***Coffee and  Liver***…Most researches have related coffee with good liver health. Also for liver health the type of coffee you drink also matters. So drink coffee and forget liver diseases.It also prevents you from liver cancer.7.***Coffee Prevents CANCER???***Coffee consumption has reduced risk of cancer by 50%. Also it reduces more amount of risk of liver cancer, especially if you are a man. It also decreases the risk of getting breast cancer if you are a woman.8. ***Lets you enjoy more lifetime.***Studies have shown that  for people with habbits  like eating red meat alot with no exercise, if they  drink at least one cup of coffee each day lowers the risk of dying from  health problems.***Have Some Coffee, but Not Too Much***Excess of everything is bad weather its coffee. Coffee has many advantages and it keeps us from many serious diseases like cancer diabties etc but  research has shown that  drinking more coffee increases our cholestrol level of our body which is bad.So ***DRINK COFFEE BUT NOT TOO MUCH*** 

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