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Solar energy is a free source of energy which is renewable, sustainable, unlimited and will be the main source of power in near future. Sun is an important source of infinite energy. Earth received energy from sun as the form of light and that is turned into electrical, thermal and other form of energy.Earth’s environment and climate are influenced by solar energy. Human, animal & all other living beings are also depends on the light of sun. Sun provided only 0.15% of world’s power. But, if it is possible to consume all the energy from sunlight, it can supply more 5000 time as much energy as the world required.Solar energy is a term which defines a range of method for collecting energy from the sun. For example, wind, hydropower, biomass, photovoltaic cell etc. all are the solar power. Wind flows in high and low temperature & creates waves. Rainfall, made by the sun-warmed evaporated water from the rivers, seas are the source of the hydro power. There is another forms of energy which is known as fuels as like coil, gas & oil. They are formed trillions of years ago from the decomposed plans which are grew by the cared of the sun.Sunlight can be converted as electrical energy. It’s technology are categorized as passive solar or active solar. Active solar technologies are by the use of photovoltaic systems. On the other hand, passive solar techniques are by the orientation of a building to the sun,, selection of materials with thermal mass or light-dispersing properties, and designing spaces that naturally circulated air .Solar energy is directly converted into electrical energy with the help of solar cells. It is also known as the photovoltaic cell. When sunlight fall on the cells, this absorbed the energy from photons & this absorbed energy knocked out the electrons in the silicon, making them to flow. By this process electricity are converted from sunlight.There are many types of solar panels. As like, flat plate collectors, focusing collectors and mostly used solar cells. A flat plate collectors are consists of a black rectangular frames, two or three sheets of glass, and copper plumbing. The another types of collectors is focusing collector. They consists of mirror of mirrors which are focused in one spot. There are a lot of applications of solar energy. Most common solar power is used in calculators. All satellites also run in solar power.  The application of solar power can be summarized as: Space cooling and heating through solar architecture, solar cooking, potable water via distillation and disinfection, Solar air-conditioning ,High temperature process heat for industrial purposes.It is the most probably the greatest benefit of using that it does not cause any kind of pollution. Solar energy is an infinite source of energy and it can never out of stock. On the other hand, other resources of fuels will lost as long as 40-50 years from now. As solar energy is really the future for world, it is wise to invest more in solar energy so that new technology like smaller panels and collectors which won’t require much space could be invented

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