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Software engineers specialize in testing, designing, developing, and maintaining computer software for business or personal use. They use mathematics, engineering and computer science to create and manage software. Software engineers are focused on developing system software that is involved in the systems and software that makes computers work.  They usually specialize in areas of development such as networks, operating systems, databases and development.   Software engineers usually work 40 hours a week, but they also have a possibility of working 50 hours a week depending on what they are working on. According to 2015 studies, software engineers make $100,690 average annually, and their median pay is about $48.41. Entry level software engineers earn about $77,000 yearly while mid-career engineers earn about $91,000 yearly. Experienced workers and late career software engineers get paid $102,000 – $109,000 yearly.  Employment for software engineers is estimated to increase by 21% from 2008 to 2018. Software engineers start off working with code, debugging programs, or overseeing the launch of new software. Later on in their career, software engineers advance to working as a software architects or project managers. Working as a software engineer also exposes you to marketing, manufacturing, and design professionals in creating new software. Software engineering is also said to be stressful, because of the long work hours and tight deadlines                                          People who want to become software engineers need at least a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or any related field. Voluntary certification is also an Software Engineering 2availability for software developers. They also require jobs skills such as analytical skills, group work, knowledge of intended audience, knowledge of core programing language and the understanding of different roles. Places such as Mountain View have a 49% pay difference, while places such as San Diego have a 0% pay difference. For people who want to pursue software engineering, the best place to look would be Louisiana, because it has the plenty of jobs and a high pay. According to 2011 surveys, any type of engineers usually retire at 70. Software engineering is beneficial to the worker, because they get access to the latest hardware and software. They also get paid by the quality and the quantity of what they produce. For software engineers who have a Bachelor’s degree and relevant experience, job prospects are better than software engineers with lower degrees and less experience. Software engineering is also a fast growing occupation with high pay. It was also named one of 50 of the best careers in America.  Major social media and business sites, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, and Paypal offer software engineering jobs with high pay. For example, Facebook pays their software engineers $177,014 while other places such as Microsoft pay their software engineers $116,967. Other places such as Intel, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, Google and Paypal pay software engineers around $164,683-$116,967 annually. Software Engineering 3 Software engineers typically use tools such as computer aided software engineering. They use this tool to help develop system software, i.e, and computer code. Computer aided  software engineering is also the main tool used to implement and design applications. While using this tool, software engineers design, construct, and test to get the best possible result.Software engineers are divided into two categories called application engineers and system engineers. Application engineers analyze user needs and design, construct, deploy, and maintain specialized utility programs or computer applications. Systems software engineers coordinate the construction, maintenance, and expansion of  an organization’s computer systems. They help the organization by coordinating each department’s needs, ordering inventory, managing billing, and payroll recordkeeping. Systems software engineers are also responsible for data assurance and the design and implementation of  system security. The hardest parts of software engineering are the clients and the teamwork. Working with companies and organizations require physical human interaction, which is difficult for some people. Even though they may be the expert on technical skills, they also have to have awesome communication skills and negotiation skills. Software engineers also have to be team players, because most of the projects they do require teamwork. Without these skills, different personalities and opinions clash, and doing their work becomes difficult.Software engineering also takes a lot of free time away from them and their friends and family. Software engineers also have to prioritize their work over staying home and relaxing. Even though software engineering may be difficult and stressing at times, software engineers

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