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Software defined networking (SDN) is
a evolving technology which completely alters the architecture and working of legacy
networks. There has been rising firmness among networking designers to come up
with a new set of devices to support Software Defined Networks and to implement
better services in SDN related to legacy networks. During these accomplishments,
security of the packets in the SDN networks derives into argument.

Software-Defined Network (SDN) splits network
device’s control logic from its forwarding logic. Forwarding logic is kept with
the device, whereas control logic is implemented as a piece of software at a
central controller.

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Communication between controller and
forwarding devices is carried out through southbound application program interface
, one of such API is OpenFlow protocol. Being located centrally, the controller
is able to have a total view of the network that progresses its policymaking
process. It comforts network administrators to easily program whole network. Problems,
such as configuration issues, detection and mitigation of attacks, and new
protocol employment for legacy network devices, that took a lengthy time to
detect and resolve are now solved within hours with SDN.

With all these rewards,
SDN has paying attention maximum of the networking scholars and businesses. Though
SDN carries several benefits in the era of networking, there are certain tasks  that need to be undertook to install it appropriately.
One of these tasks that are troubling everybody to adapt SDN technology is security
issue. It has got more attention from academia as well as businesses.

In last years, legacy
networks have been regularly troubled by Distributed  Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It   acquired
the attention of researchers towards this issue.

 Being centrally organised, DDoS in SDN becomes
much larger problem than in legacy network, as absence of the single controller
might simply interrupt complete network management.

Some of the Attack points in SDN are:







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