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Socially: The effects on the victims of human trafficking are that they can’t communicate with friends and family and often become isolated. Victims also often face stigmas from their friends and family. Communities often don’t realize that human trafficking is happening within them. Politically: Corrupt governments help make human trafficking go undetected. They either enable it to happen or overlook it. The government profits from buying and selling victims. Economically: If it was considered a major industry, human trafficking would increase economic stability of a country. Human trafficking brings in about 150 billion dollars worldwide. Corrupt governments help with trafficking the victims so that their country benefits by making a profit. The issue of human trafficking is present in every part of the world. The frequency of trafficking is controlled by 3 factors of the nation:The wealth of the country: Trafficking typically is easier and happens more frequent in impoverished countries, because when someone goes missing the family wouldn’t have enough money to investigate the situation. Quality of life: If someone is promised a better life or wage in another country, they would leave for a better lifestyle without realizing they’re being trafficked. Government stability: When a government is unstable, the illegal trafficking and captivity of people usually goes unnoticed because the government doesn’t try to stop it. The government would be making a profit as well. Certain circumstances make people more vulnerable to be trafficked. Human traffickers typically go after people of opportunity. These circumstances include poverty, low income, rough family situations, government corruption, demand of buyers, ethnic minorities, illegal immigrants, low education, and runaways. This is seen as a low risk to traffickers, but is a high profit industry. A typical 16 year old white female from Canada would price around $6000. Nations with a stable economy and government typically agree on how to address this issue. For example, in South Africa in 2013 a legislation was made on human trafficking. It was called Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Bill, its goal was to prevent and combat human trafficking. Nations without a stable government to control trafficking, or have a massive human trafficking industry wouldn’t agree on how to address this issue. For example, Sudan’s government helps with trafficking victims and has no intentions of stopping, they make a profit from it.

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