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Social media is something that everyone is familiar with. On a daily basis, the most active users are at a young range of 16 to 24 years old. Thanks to the invention of internet, anybody can easily connect with anybody from anywhere around the globe. If we’re going to trace it back in time as to how and when the social media started, we’ll have to take a look back at late 1990’s. The platform may not have started that early but the changes are absolutely constant. It was made to form a mode of communication without the difficulties in having telephones or sending a letter. However, on a modern take, social media has turned into a multi-functional board not just in personal and individual lives but also in terms of business and commerce. In different ways, it has provided us comfort and entertainment at the same time. Blogging, streaming, posting, chatting; the possibilities of what you can do is countless. For those who are working in the world of marketing, it has provided a new world of techniques and styles in order to reach out potential buyers, viewers, users, and customers. Every day, the trend can change in a heartbeat without a notice but of course, there are some trends that stay on top beyond what we expect and for good reason at that. Here are some of the biggest social media marketing trends that you have to learn and the reasons why it is important.·         Live Video – As mentioned by many and including experts, video is the reigning king and it is most likely going to stay in throne for a while. From the Snapchat stories to Facebook live stream, it is seen all over the place and people are on hook for it. It is not just about posting or sharing your sentiments or feelings about certain happenings or events because everybody has been interested with how it actually is right at the moment. There is just something so unique in capturing moments exactly when it occurs. These days it is no longer unusual for anybody to stay on their phones because getting access and connecting with anything is easy to do in one click.For marketers, this means that providing a live video content should be interesting. There is such great potential and opportunity in making use of this trend which everybody should take chance of. A percentage of media marketers has already taken this on and surely, more and more will do so. Hyping up the crowd and getting your audience’s attention won’t be easy. It will require creativity and consistency because being active in reaching out to people through the most current trending way will surely hit your mark. If done well and correctly, you’ll definitely go beyond expectations.·         Messaging Apps – Recently, lots of brands and companies have been quite reliable towards messaging apps. There is something charming about being able to provide a personalized connection with your customers through these apps that are easy to use and easy to access. Even text messaging is something that seems to make its way out of our activities because unlike it, social media messaging apps are accessible without spending as much or anything at all. Providing customer service through these platforms has also been appreciated by many users. In traditional and direct advertising, what matters most is getting as many audience as possible but during the 20th century and probably onwards; individual, personalized, and indirect marketing seems to work a lot way better. Provide each person with a good service and great answers to their queries and they would surely give you the feedback that would call in more and more customers or audiences for you.·         Reality – This might come off as somewhat related with going live stream because just like it, verging into virtual and augmented reality is reaching its peak. There are hundreds of games and apps that allows you to augment it with your actual environment and everybody seems to truly enjoy it. Take Pokémon Go as an example. The social media was flooding with updates and posts about the game and it was such an event that none of us would forget it in an instance. It was highly recreational and relatable towards a large audience. For those who were born as a 90’s kid, Pokémon was widely sensational. These kids are no longer young but are probably at their adult age but Pokémon Go is something that none of them would want to miss. Let us not miss out on the youngest generation of today either because they’re the ones who get updated first of what’s new and trending even before us. For virtual reality, this has been as if a new world that goes parallel with the real one. You get to see a different place but feel just as the same if you were actually there. Horror games, action scenes, and more interactive virtual reality is being created for every age. Taking this as an advantage to provide a hint of what services or products you can offer will put you on top of the line. There is no better way of marketing when you do it not just to advertise but also to provide enjoyment for everybody. 

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