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So the time of the year has come  again when the board exams are about to start and most students are in a mad scurry with their books, and are jam-packed again.With the dates fast approaching, the anxiety has started creeping into the minds of children.There is definitely a way  to cope with the pressure of examinations and do well without exhausting yourself.Many researchers and doctors believe that  it is important to understand  what stress is, how it occurs, and follow the right diet and exercise.The main concern among the parents and teachers  is  that children don’t eat properly and  their children tax themselves both physically and mentally. However, many researchers believe that stress is not about every day life hassles; these are routine things that all of us manage to deal with.They consider stress to be related to worry. During exam season, the children begin to panic and that panic creates tension in their mind, which later develop into stress. Identifying stressSo what shall be done to identify stress and ensure that our children are relieved from this behaviour. Parents can identify this easily and  help their children  under stress. The most immediate way is to find out when their child behaviour changes drastically, and when the child’s immune system becomes weaker. No wonder,stress bring downs the capacity of the immune system, and children become more prone to far more colds, fevers, and coughs than they usually did in the past.However, there are other possible short term factors and short term effects , that are much trickier to catch.Demotivation plays a major role and can become one of the most obviously visible side effects, that may lead to feeling disinterest in whatever one does, along with symptoms of short-term memory loss. Children suffer a lot when they encounter short term memory loss that even affects their results  when you are not able to remember what you perhaps read only yesterday, though you may remember it much later.

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