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SnapChat is easily the fastest growing social media platform in the world with over a hundred million daily active users and over eight billion video snap views per day (Statista 2018). Just like Vine, Instagram and Youtube’s popularity produced a mass group of social media ‘stars’ with millions of subscribers/followers each, SnapChat has now generated a new selection of digital ‘influencers, many of whom appeal to tech-savvy, young audiences. Big companies like Toyota, McDonalds, AT&T, and LG have all found that the collaboration with SnapChat influencers is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness through cross-promotional campaigns, SnapChat takeovers and creative partnerships, as well as capturing the interest and of Millenials.
Why Brand Advertising with SnapChatters
Most marketers did not take SnapChat seriously when it first launched in 2012, as it used to be just a photo-sharing platform that allow users to send pictures and then erased within 24 hours. However, today, this social platform has evolved and the partnerships with Neilsen to develop a native programmatic application, SnapChat is on its way to increase the platform’s advertising power.
The popularity of SnapChat especially among young users, cannot be diminished. According to Statista 2018, the platform’s video views were drawing close to Facebook’s figures (7 billion views), and majority of SnapChat’s audiences comprised of teens and Millennials, that’s 60% of users aged between 13 to 24 year old demographic. Marketers now realised that by partnering with SnapChat influencers allow brands to target specific demographic that acquire a significant amount of buying power. In addition to this, the fact that snap view gets erased within 24 hours, users are highly active on the platform throughout the day, leading to high levels of engagement and increased visibility of advertiser’s sponsored content.

How Brands collaborate with the influencers:
Over 500 million of snapchat stories are posted a day, and this made it more difficult for advertisers to reach their audiences. While it is still a common way for influencers to increase exposures, many companies are reverting to SnapChat Takeover and Geo-Filter strategy. A SnapChat Takeover is when an influencer takes over a brand’s channel for a day or a set amount of time. The goal is usually to reach thousands of users and gain followers. A Geo-Filter is a custom made filter designed to target mobile users based on specific location, whether by neighbourhood, city or even store. In other words, the mobile location signals where the user is, and the tailored filter will appear on their snapchat screen based on that location.
To maximise the reach of a brand’s campaign, marketers can also cross-promote the snapchat content by posting a Snap screenshot or upload a Snap Story video on other social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. This strategy is particularly useful for brands that already have a large following on other platforms.
One of the challenges for partnering with Snapchat influencers is measuring the Return on Investment of any marketing campaign. While businesses can request for the account owners to submit a report of the activities, some key metrics are still not as easily accessible or available. Fortunately, as mentioned before, the development of the Programmatic application with Neilsen can help provide the results that brands can measure, and evaluate the effectiveness of the social media platforms marketing campaigns.
Another Snapchat influencer Jen Chae (@frmheadtotoe) partnered with Shiseido to promote their new brand channel. The social media campaign generated over one hundred thousand impressions on Shiseido’s Snapchat channel. Starbucks runs a promotion in every May offering their customerrs’ any Frappuccino for only half price. The geo-filter would only appear during Happy Hour and only if you were within the vicinity of the selected cafes.
Snapchat also partnered with non-profit (RED) by distributing 3 free filters for users on World AIDS day. This campaign encourages young Snapchat users to make positive contributions, and was supported by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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