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SMS advertising has been emerged asthe most popular and vastly used mode of advertisement nowadays because of itslow-cost advantage(—————).

(————————–)explainsthat SMS advertising is popular among the advertiser also because of itspotential to reach to the mass quantity of persons or users.large organization  have been modifying their marketingactivities spending towards effective marketing tools, like SMS advertisement(—————–).presently advertising has emerged as a medium through whichorganizations and companies publicize, advertise, promote, inform, persuade,aware people about their products, offerings, and services  in a particular or differentiate way  (—————). he further explains thatin past organization used traditional modes to advertise their product throughtelevision ads or through the publication of ads in the newspaper.

presently SMS marketing has vastlyused the form of marketing in which organization or companies use mobiledevices through which they forwards the text messages about their product,service or offers (particularly about a sale or new options) to their cus­tomersor clients of a company’s. contrary to this previously traditional medium ofadvertisement were used(—————). furthermore(—————————–)  explainin his research that some organization uses SMS advertisement just because itprovides the clear and particular subject in unambiguous and clear ways andhelps them to achieve their target audience.( ——————) explain thatother organization uses this medium of exchange as it specifies and particulartargets their audience in the quickest manner at low cost.he further providesthat nowadays much non-profit, Govt and semi Govt institution also uses this tocommunicate their viewpoint or any specific information to target people on thebasis of their demographics.(——————–) highlightthe financial aspect of the SMS marketing.

He explains that SMS marketing helpsorganizations to promote their offerings through this cost-effective method andit ultimately helps to boost their profits. He further points that theeffectiveness of mobile or Sms marketing depends upon the credibility of thesource.(———————) explainsthe ethical aspect of the  SMSadvertisement as he explains that there the certain advertisement whichparticular targets male or female product and it’s unethical and unreasonableto advertise that particular product to everyone or to another gender so Smsadvertisement helps them to particular transmit that message to their targetaudience. He further explains that sometimes SMS marketing distort the whole processbecause of a disrupted and unreliable data source as every person whose data isrecorded as a base does not direct uses that mobile device. (————–)  proposes that audiences perceive   SMS advertisement by two ways they maycompletely ignore it or may find that SMS relevant and valued forthemselves.    (———–)explains in hisresearch that some customers find its comfortable and infect it create a senseof being valued by the organization whenever they received any kinds of SMSadvertisement from the company containing offers and offerings. He furtherprovides that it creates the belief of satisfaction among the customers andhelps to build long-term and the long-lasting relationship among them.

( —————— ) defines theattitude as the attitude of a person as a way of thinking, behavior, viewpoint,reaction,  or frame of mind aboutanything.(——————) explains thatattitude acts as the indicator of whether the SMS advertisement had achievedits object or not. He also explains that attitude of a person depends upon thesolubility of that particular SMs to that person and does it is beneficial forhim or not.(————) also explains the same that those Sms marketing areconvenient and objective which are entertaining or create benefits for thereceivers.(——————–) highlights the role and importance of theconsumer behavior and attitude towards SMS advertisement because attitude promotes, drives, and influenced bythe Sms advertising and explains that behavior of a receiver can be positive ornegative depending upon the message.(—————————) foundthat attitude of a person or receiver depends on the effectiveness of messageand effectiveness of message depends on demographics of that target audience.He further provides that attitude of the receiver also depends upon on thenumber of messages forwarded to that particular receiver and attitude ofpersons may also vary with the variation in the number of messages.(—————–) focuses the agethat attitude of the receiver or a person large effects by the age of receiveras the attitude of an adult was different to the attitude of the attitude old,senior, or professional person.(—————) also explains that the successof the SMS advertisement depends on the attitude of the consumer towards thatparticular message.(—————-) express hisviews that SMS advertisement effects the behavior of a person and persuade andinfluence the buying behavior of a person and helps the companies to improveorganizational image.(————————-) highlights the importance ofthe content of the message that if the content of the message promotespositivity it influence the attitude and perception of the receiver too in apositive way and helps to receive the organizational objective.

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