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Sleep is a natural physiologicalprocess of being in a state at a minimum level of the brain activity and reducedresponse to the outside world, concisely, called as general inhibition. On aregular basis, a healthy human-being spends almost a third of the life in sleepthat represents a cyclic phenomenon, taking 7 to 9 hours per day.

(Watson etal. 2012) During sleep, in the state of a complete rest, the level of allanabolic processes rises. The onset of sleep is eminently dependent on manyaspects such as, lighting and place. With darkness, the human body produces thecrucial hormone melatonin that stimulates an irresistible desire to sleep.Therefore, Ivan Pavlov, Russian physiologist, called sleep a protective inhibitionfor the human.

Sleep is the prime help for human’s nervous system, as itlargely protects body from fatigue and mental load. (Pilkington 2018) Sleep isan absolutely unique state of human consciousness that includes a number ofstages regulated by discrete brain structures, systematically repeatedthroughout the night. Despite the fact that this phenomenon, which is requisitefor every living creature and has been experimentally researched for decades,so far scientists have not been able to entirely understand why do all people needsleep. Body paragraph 2: Why do we need sleep? àTheprimary reason for all human beings to be in need of consistent sleep lies inrestoring of the energy spent within the daylight hours. During sleep, the bodyitself turn on recovery processes, gradually withdrawing substances that stimulatethe feeling of fatigue and energizing muscles. Human body has distinctivemechanisms of self-recovery that are launched at these crucial stages of sleepcycle, sustaining natural conditions of health and state of mind. During thedaytime, brain cells create networks with other units of the brain by virtue ofthe new knowledge input.

Whereas during sleep, imperative networks arestrengthened, and insignificant are pruned. Latter experiments with sleep deprivedrats have demonstrated that this process of strengthening and pruning occurs essentiallyin the course of sleep, where the brain has a great chance to eliminate theunnecessary waste. (Ghosh 2015) However, if one fails to obtain a sufficientamount of hibernation, causing sleep deprivation, the body cells can behave inan utterly altered manner influencing overall wellness.  Body paragraph 3: Sleep deprivation causes àSome people may consider sleep as a sheer misuse of time and deprivethemselves of sleep on purpose in pursuance of important life priorities as,for instance, entertainment, career commitment, and educational objectives.Nevertheless, the main underlying issue of disrupted sleep patterns for mostpeople is insomnia, such intentional sleep deprivation is most common amongstteenagers and young adults, asuniversity students. The causes of sleep disruption include physiologic,environmental and behavioral factors. Sleep cycle stages change over the course of a lifetime, from childhoodthrough old age. A broad range of climate and lifestyle factors, as light or noise,and stress or diet, have a direct consequential impact on lives of the youngpopulation.

(Sleep Architecture 2017) Body paragraph 4: Sleepdeprivation causes of students àSuch behavioral sleep insufficiencyis primarily associated with chronic deprivation caused by habitual patterns ofsleep. This particularly may occur as students are often substantially ignorant of the system’snatural demand for sleep, preferring wakefulness, thus restricting the sleeptime. (YolandaSmith 2017) Inadequate sleep hygiene of young people is one of the main motives that involves regulation of intake ofcaffeine and energy stimulants, which is associated with higher use of alcohol. (McCabe et al. 2005) Furthermore, technologyis highly impactful towards irregular sleep routine of students, as generation-Y are known to be the most active gadget users takingthe most advantage of the use of hi-tech progress.

According to scientificresearch, it has been evidenced that melatonin, responsible for sleep control,is suppressed by the light coming from electronics that dramatically interruptsnormal sleeping schedule. 

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