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Slang is innovative,
different and creative way to express the way of thinking. It started
developing in the 1980s and continued its journey well trough 21st century. It
combines works from all fields or research. It encompasses linguistics,
history, psychology as well as literary study. “Slang
is the linguistic divergence from standard (high language) usage and is
commonly characterized by imaginary, creativity and wit- so much that it is
called the common people’s poetry” (Crystal,
Language and the Internet, 2006). Informal (slang)
words can be found in various literary works. „Slang expressions can be found
in literature in various ways, mainly in novels and short stories” (Lars
Andersson ?. P., 1990). When thinking about novels and really
depicting certain characters, the use of slang is inevitable.

it is only the use of informal and „bad” language that can show character’s
personality or thoughts. The language one uses shows one’s identity. Sometimes,
authors choose to implements elements of slang into the dialogues and other
times, the entire ways of expressing is covered in slang. Another really
important factor when translating slang in literature is culture. It is
complicated translating concepts which are not the same in different cultures.
Slang presents a problem because translators have to be creative and think of
the new ways to transfer the message and  not to lose the original meaning. When we
trace the usage of slang in literature, it goes back to  William Shakespeare. He also used slang and
opened up new doors to other writers. Today’s slang usage is very different but
it has the same concept and purpose. Modern slang makes readers raise
questions, think about the vernacular language and by reading novels packed
with slang, readers are entering a whole new world of phrases and expressions.

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can say that by introducing slang in literature, alienated groups got their own
voice. Literature hierarchy changed. Now, everybody has a chance to show their way
of speaking, thinking and identity. Because slang is changing with times and
development, novels which contain slang are capturing the way of speaking and expressing.
Many theorists argue that literature containing slang in not relevant.
Literature serves as a mirror showing what is happening in the society. One
hundred years from now, when people read today’s literature, they will be able
to see that slang was part of out life and speech.

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