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Sir Edward Cuthbert Bairstow was a choral composer who primarily wrote choral music for the Anglican Church, and by that juncture, wrote also organ music. He wrote 29 pieces throughout his 71-year life, for choir or otherwise, and many of these are widely known in the church community.Edward Bairstow was born on the twenty-second of August of 1874, in the busy market town of Huddersfield located in West Yorkshire, England. His grandfather before him, Oates Bairstow, is the founder of the eponymous clothing firm. Even as a child, Bairstow showed a great interest in music and later felt that he was born with a “sense of message.” There were several disjointed lessons in music to follow, until his collegiate years when he was more formally taught under a great musician called John Farmer (who in his youth was a music prodigy) at Balliol College in Oxford. Under Frederick Bridge of Westminster Abbey, he received tuition from Walter Alcock. He studied organ and theory at the University of Durham, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in music in 1894 and his Doctorate degree in 1901. Bairstow received much recognition throughout his career, even to become knighted by the royals of England for his services to music in 1932. He died on the first of May in 1946.The following three paragraphs were written as I was first listening to the pieces. The URLs to the pieces are found in my sources cited page and link to a YouTube video providing both sound and visual music.The first piece that I intend on evaluating is called “Let all mortal flesh keep silence,” called such for the hymn of the same name. This piece is very beautiful, tranquil. It is arranged for SATB. I chose it, like all of the others, simply because I needed a song to write about, but as I listen to it, I can give you a description of why I believe it was a good choice. Like I said, it’s very pleasing to the ear and wonderful to listen to. In the recording I heard, the song was sung acapella.The next song will be “I sat down under His shadow,” lack of capitalization intended. The arrangement I listened to was also SATB. I don’t have a clear reason for why I chose it to begin with, unfortunately, but I can tell you that, like the previous piece, it sounds absolutely beautiful. I am seriously impressed by the music and the composer who wrote such music. I can tell why he has been knighted. The tone of the piece, like the former, is very serious, and very delicate. Slow, and worthy of falling asleep to (in a good way). There is no orchestration here, and I assume the same for the next piece.The final piece is called “Jesu grant me this I pray.” It is also without orchestration, in SATB format. It is also slow and has an excellent place in the church. I well enjoy the way Bairstow arranges the parts here, to blend the voices together wonderfully and showcasing all and arousing a feeling within of peace, and tranquility. I feel like this piece was a good choice because it is slow, quiet, and well endowed with feelings of love and peace and harmony and it’s just beautiful to hear.In conclusion, Edward Bairstow was very talented and renowned for his services to music, even becoming knighted for such services. His music is incredibly pleasing to the ear and very good for use in the church. The general layout and feeling of all three pieces is very similar and I loved to listen to them. I hope that with writing the words as I listen with a fresh mind will serve me well here. Sir Bairstow does not have a website of any sort; this may be because he died nearly 72 years prior to the writing of this paper. Because of this, I also could not contact him.With closing thoughts, I feel as though the paper was not as difficult as I thought it would be, in fact, I rather enjoyed it. However, I don’t feel that another paper of the same magnitude would be the best course of action, and I also would request that the format be in MLA, the standard for all college papers as far as I know; but that’s your decision anyway. It isn’t mine, but I still enjoyed this assignment overall.

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