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Singapore is a small country located at the southern end of malaysia. Once a part of the mighty British colony, now a modern financial capital of the world. Singapore was discovered in 1819 and was instantly engulfed into the british colony until its independence on June 3rd 1959, 140 years after its discovery. No doubt during this long period of time Singapore had gone a lot of changes. What was once a swamp land, when discovered, is now the financial capital. What would have happened if Singapore was never colonised by the British. What geographical, ethnic or economic differences will the country have.There has been massive geographical advances done by the british to singapore during the 140 years of rule. The first geographical difference between non colonised singapore and colonised is land size. When the land that we now call Singapore was first discovered in 1819, it was a swamp land and was 22% smaller than it currently is. Meaning Singapore would only be 561.6 square Km. The second difference would be the existence of the country. If the British never came Singapore would probably cease to exist. Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, a british statesman, negotiated a treaty with Malay now known as Malaysia to create a trading post on the land and eventually colonised it. If Sir Thomas never landed the document would have never been signed meaning the land would still belong to Malaysia making it 561.6 Km larger. The third geographical difference would be land type. Singapore is now a modern country with a lot of skyscrapers, but it was not always like this. When first discovered Singapore was a swamp, with little to no natural resources. Malaysia is already fairly big on it on with tons of land and natural resources would have probably left Singapore at its natural size and state as it had no to little uses. The most that could probably happen would be building of some houses and infrastructure but not the skyscrapers we see today.The British did not only colonised Singapore but colonised a whole lot. When the british colonised singapore they used the land as a trading, organising and shipping port. This needed manpower to work hence the british brought in a workforce to work in the country. The british had brought in chinese, from hong kong, indians from india, british from the UK and so on. If the british never colonised the land, people from all over the word would not come to the area hence it would not have the widespread language choice it has right now. You will be able to find people speaking, hindi, tamil, mandarin, english and malay, but rather malay and english only as the land would belong to malaysia. There also would be a huge variety of festivals celebrated in singapore but rather the main malaysian ones. There would also be a smaller variety of religious beliefs there too.The major difference that we would see if Singapore was to never be colonised would be its finance. The key feature of singapore. Singapore’s finance was built by trading post and goods such as rubber and cotton which would be shipped and manufactured in singapore. It was also built of shipping links. This is what caused singapore’s finance to be so high. Thanks to its geographical positioning and for the british realizing its potential and colonising it create its finance it has today.  But if the British never colonised it then it would not have become a major trading post unless another country realises its potential and colonised it, hence its finance would cease to exist. Instead Singapore would have belong to malaysia and would have the same financial structure as modern malaysia or maybe even lower as the land would have probably still be a swamp.To concluded, the British has had a major impact on modern Singapore. The cololism of singapore has cause singapore a lot of changes making it the modern country we recognise to be. If Singapore was never to be colonised by the british, it would be beyond recognisable and would have most likely cease to exist as stated above multiple times. We can also conclude that even though the british has destroyed some other countries, it has had a huge positive impact of singapore helping it become the financial capital of the globe

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