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Since the New Year has arrived, a lot of you may be
already planning your summer travels or may have already booked tickets to
travel abroad. Whether you’re travelling abroad or heading out in your converted
campervan for a local road trip, capturing memorable pictures is on
everyone’s list.  We know that feeling
after coming back from an immense holiday and wishing you could relive those
moments again. By capturing pictures, you can relive those experiences, well not
literally, but at least you will have those memories to hold on to forever. Travel
pictures instantly transport you back to those destinations and evoke the good
times you had. You don’t necessarily need a high tech camera; your smartphone
can equally do a good job.  Use this blog
post to uncover travel photography tips to start taking better travel photos on
your next trip!

Before you head out to your travels, it’s useful to research
the location you intend to visit, make a list of places that look picturesque
and are worth visiting. Find out when the country has certain celebrations, spiritual
or religious events, traditions, national holidays and festivals. Visiting
during these times can offer an extensive range of photographic opportunities,
especially for documentary style shots. Make a plan of which day and what time
you intend to visit these places. This will help manage your time during your
travelling days and you won’t miss out any spectacular shots. On the other
hand, you don’t have to make a plan, this may sound surprising, but if you do
get lost on your travels, it’s actually a good thing. You can discover hidden shots
that are worth posting on Instagram.  

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The “Golden Hour” is the first
hour of light at sunrise and the last hour of light at sunset. During
these times, the lighting is perfect for outdoor photography and it can also be
an opportunity to create fantastic silhouettes. The soft, warm light
illuminates the landscape in a much more favourable way than the harsh, midday
sun. However, it does require an early wake up call to be ready to photograph
during these times, but it is definitely worth it. Also, most camping or glamping sites are usually empty during the early
morning hours, another advantage to getting up and out early.

Don’t just take the usual cliché pictures that every
tourist takes. Make your pictures look distinctive by using different angles
rather than the standard straight angle. Burst mode on your smartphone allows you
to photograph action continuously and quickly, so you have a choice to pick a favourite
moment. To do this, start holding down the shutter button a little before the
action takes place.

As well as views, architecture and food, it’s credible to
shoot portrait pictures of the people. Of course, ask for their permission
before taking a photograph. If you’re travelling to a foreign country, it is
worth learning key phrases and how to say ‘can I take a picture of you.’ Have
nice friendly chats with local people rather than just asking straight away can
I take a picture of you. Remember, it’s always okay for people to say no for a
picture and some people will be happy to take a picture.

The usual snapshots of the beach or the sunset can be
captured differently by using one of your friends or yourself as the focal
point in the image, as shown below. These pictures help to remind you of the
memories you spent with your family or friends. You can make pictures look
creative, like the image below which makes it seems like your holding the
empire state building, images like this are humorous and creative.

If you’re not satisfied with the pictures you’ve taken,
you can always alter them using editing apps besides Instagram, such as Snapseed
which is available on both Android and ios devices. Snapseed provides filters
which are organised by general categories and helps guide you to certain
filters if you have a specific effect in mind. You
have more control and effects on Snapseed rather than Instagram. For example, the
Lens Blur filter allows you to steer a viewer’s focus to a particular part of
the photo, as shown below. Snapseed is overflowing with great features that
give you access to a creative suite of editing software for true control over
all of your favourite photos.

If you’re really immersed into photography than get
technical and purchase extra useful technical equipment such as a GoPro, a
tripod, a selfie stick and a pop socket, to make your images look more

Follow the light. Before you raise your camera, see where
the light is coming from, and use it to your advantage. Whether it is natural
light coming from the sun, or an artificial source like a lamp, think how can
you use it to make your photos better? Having good lighting can make an
ordinary photo extraordinary.

They say you can smell the city in a good series of street
photographs, capturing pictures of streets can be artistic and informative, giving
the viewer a genuine insight to a destination as if the pictures are telling a

When travelling to a foreign country you’re likely to
experience your photography at its fullest, because everything is brand new to
you. Sights and scenes seem more appealing and you’ll be more excited to
photograph them. Have fun with it, interact with new people and embrace the

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