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 Since the 1800s in
the United States we have been surrounded with American hate groups, one of the
most famous being the Ku Klux Klan. The American government in combination with
law enforcement agencies has tried to weaken these hate groups, and all different type of crimes, but
the truth is that they keep arising instead of being eliminated.

However, the real question is why this has not stopped yet? There are three broad theoretical models of criminal behavior defined as sociological, psychological,
and biological.

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Sociological theories are a big contribution to the study of
crime causation. It is believed that an individual’s behavior is imposed on
people by features of society. Where they live, their nationality, how wealthy
their relatives are; All this represented in the American sociologist’s
Robert Merton’s theory using the French word Anomie, or better translated as a
condition of “normless-ness” to describe a disconnection between socially
acceptable goals and means in the American society.

Although sociological theories are the most common approach
to illegal actions there are psychological and biological theories of delinquency
causation that firm essential assumptions.

A psychologist named Sigmund Freud stated that the superego
is a guiding principle, often compared to conscience, and that people who lack
fully developed superegos cannot see beyond their own interests and are often
described as sociopaths or psychopaths.

Furthermore, studies have shown also that the behavior of
biological children of criminals even if they are adopted at birth tend to
reflect the criminality of their biological parents no matter the environment
the children is raised.

Conclusively Understanding the differences among the kinds
of hate crimes and their motivation, then, could be a good help for law enforcement
officers to have knowledge of their target they need to hit to eliminate these
and all types of crime.  

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