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Since ancient times, women and men work in different spheres. Despite the fact that males and females have different abilities, natural limitations and talents, the gender gap is getting close to the considerable amount of occupations nowadays. So, is it right to exclude them from certain professions because of their gender identity?To begin with the fact, gender equality in job fields and greater freedom of choice of employment can bring extensive benefits for the society and world population. Besides that, it is believed by many that it also will expedite the development of a nation than the old way of distributed work pattern. For instance, mixed-gender working environment is recognized by scientists as more profitable and efficient.Another advantage of gender equality in professions sectors can be bringing different perspectives and ideas into bettering of work. Such surroundings also could generate more possibilities for self-improvement of personality. For example, my sister ?s studying at the Police Academy. Unlike me, she has the necessary physical skills and can approve herself in this area.   The main disadvantage may be the fact that a certain gender could be more appreciated in some occupations. It is mostly determined by the biological differences between men and women. For example, females are perceived to be nurses, teachers, hairdressers, stewardess and others, because they more sensitive to other’s feelings and needs whereas, males are more likely to be employed in the most spheres are dependent on physical strength and resilience.The second disadvantage may be the fact, that men tend to use their logic and can firstly stay focused on the problem, but women use powers of intuition and do a lot of activities simultaneously. Besides that, in many jobs, employees need to work publicity and work at night which might be inconvenient for female persons, especially with small children. To conclude, it could be argued that it is wrong to exclude men or women in certain work fields.  Both men and women have similar talents and possibilities, despite some physical differences. However, choosing profession suitable for you it would be better pay attention to the educational background, enthusiasm, skills and natural talent.

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