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Simon Ospina12-22-17 On March 5th, 1776 conflicts between the British and the colonists started to rise because the British government wanted to raise taxes and control colonies at the same time. What started out as a small argument which then escalated to a “massacre” in Boston that left 5 people killed with one of them being Crispus Attucks. The Boston Massacre was a huge factor in the early beginnings of the American Revolution. In 1773 colonists in Boston dressed up as Indians and dumped out 342 chests of tea to demonstrate their anger towards the British government. This went down as a historic moment known as the Boston Tea Party. Although the British East India company sold tea for a low price to discourage smuggling colonists still boycotted and resisted towards the British due to the Townsend acts, which required them to pay taxes for imported goods like tea. This was just one of many laws that the British placed on the colonists that mad them furious. Additionally, another law that they placed on the colonists was the Stamp act. This law was passed by the British Parliament on March 22nd, 1765. It was directed towards all American colonists and required them to pay taxes on all printed paper they use, for example: newspapers, licenses, and other publications. This angered colonists because the British government didn’t ask for legislative approval. Then came along the first and second continental congress in Philadelphia. To continue, in the 1st continental congress colonists met up in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774 to talk about colonial resistance against Parliament. The delegates included a few future presidents such as George Washington and John Adams. After a long discussion, congress issued a Declaration of rights affirming its loyalty to the British Crown but disputing the taxes placed by the British Parliament. A year later the colonists met up again to have a Second Continental Congress on May 10th, 1775, once again in Philadelphia. They went for their first attempt at a republican government in the colonies and comprised, but delegates showed growing dissatisfaction. They asked states to draft new state constitutions and authorized the Massachusetts militia to become the constitutional army, and later on, George Washington was named commerce of the army. Finally, on June 1776, congress forms a committee to write the Declaration of Independence, which expressed a lot of main ideas. These ideas include: all men are equal, all men have basic human rights given to them by god, and government must be by the consent of the governed. People passed unalienable rights, George the 3rd violated these rights by facing without consent, and colonies had the right to break with Britain. On July 4th, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was finally approved by congress, and from now on we celebrate the fourth of July as the day America became independent.

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