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Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is the heart-rending story of how a man deals
with his mental struggles and his wife’s betrayal. Life for Pat Solitano isn’t
going according to plan, he has lost everything including his house, job, and
wife. Pat Solitano found his wife with her lover which resulted in him brutally
assaulting him. Because of the violent encounter, Pat was sentenced to serve eight-months
in a mental institution and while being institutionalized Pat was diagnosed
with bipolar disorder. After being released from the mental intuition, Pat
moved in back with his parents in their Philadelphia home, and was determined to
rebuild his life and reunite wife Nikki back despite the restraining order and
challenges of their separation.  Although
Pat was prescribed medicine he was opposed to take his medication because he
didn’t like how they made him feel, even though his mother Delores, advised him
to take his meditation but Pat felt he didn’t believe he needed medication to
manage his bipolar disorder. “Pat feels that he could manage on the outside,
solely by healthy living and looking for the “silver linings” in life.”

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Along with the medication Pat also must attend therapy sessions, and
uses jogging as a therapy method. But Pat wasn’t the only one who was suffering
from a disorder in his home, his father, Pat Sr, also had his own challenges,
he was living with obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Pat treatment starts when he meets Ronnie’s
sister in law, Tiffany Maxwell a young widow and recovering sex addict who also
lost her job. Tiffany has her own problems, she suffers from compulsive and
self-destructive thoughts. Although Pat thinks Tiffany is an unbalanced girl
they develop a friendship and he saw an opportunity to communicate with Nikki
through her. Tiffany offers him help, but Pat must compete in a dance
competition with her in which Pat agrees to reconnect and rebuild his
relationship with his wife. In the fragile mental state, both Pat and Tiffany commence
a love/hate friendship based primarily on what help the other can provide in reaching
their individual goals. Dancing becomes a treatment for Pat and helps him cope
with his bipolar disorder. When Pat sees Nikki at the dance and confronts her to
tell her he is finally over her and chases after Tiffany to confess his love
for her and an unexpected bond forms between Pat and Tiffany, and silver
linings appear in both of their lives.

disorder causes serious shifts in mood, energy, thinking, and behavior—from the
highs of mania on one extreme, to the lows of depression on the other”. Bipolar
disorder is a mood disorder characterized by alternating periods of mania and
depression. Throughout the movie Pat expressed many bipolar actions.  Pat had multiple periods of sleeplessness,
paranoia, and resists taking medications. Many times, blurted out his
uncensored thoughts, experienced sudden rages, hallucinated when stressed, and
lacked insight into his effect on others. Mania
is an extreme feeling of well-being, energy and optimism. The feelings Pat had
about his wife were so intense that he lost contact with reality. He still
had insight into the situation with his wife Nikki, he still believed he was going
to get her back, without understanding the repercussions of what he did.  Pat’s feelings involve irritability and
impulsive, reckless decision-making. As well as establishing the humanity of
the characters, the film does a great job of showing the dangers of not taking
medication the way it is prescribed.

 When he was released from the
mental facility he began to channel his manias by running daily, reading books
of what his wife taught, quit taking medicines and decided to overcome his
bipolar disorder by being optimistic. When Pat goes to live with his parents
everything seems to change with those around him; no one will talk to him about
Nikki. Pat’s brother and friends were also warned not to talk about his stay in
the mental hospital because they were scared that Pat would start one of his
maniac episodes. Both Pat and Tiffany, have strong opinions, but they have a
lot of trouble communicating despite their clear attraction to each other.
Pat’s inability to recognize that what he did was over the top. We see his
inability to understand why his ex-wife would have a restraining order against

The movie accurately represented
mental disabilities or other conditions people suffer with during their lives.
The film does a good job in portraying the effects and symptoms of bipolar
disorder on someone’s life, but the many scenes of maniac episodes prevent it
from being a true accurate depiction of bipolar disorder. There weren’t many
depressive episodes that were shown causing an imbalance of bipolar disorders.
In a scene he obsessively searches for his old wedding videos and is
extortionary distraught when he cannot find them, while suffering from a manic
episode in which he accidently elbows his mother and gets in a brawl with his
father. In many scenes, he seems defeated for example the scene where he
finishes the Hemingway book and get extremely angry throwing the book through
the window.  Pat has multiple episodes of
mania for example the ending “A Farewell to Arms” where Pat wakes his parents
up and rants at them. He also displays many qualities of mania such as having
extreme high energy, irritability, little need for sleep, poor judgement,
refusal to admit to a problem and aggression.


Pat is diagnosed as having bipolar disorder, but it can be seemed as
controversial because Pat appears to manifest himself primarily an aggressive
and violent manner. Although very few mood swings are shown, he experiences a
lot of mania actions. I thought that the film many times downplayed the
behavior and mentality of a person struggling with bipolar disorder. In the
movie it shows that he snapped and severely beat a man after finding him in the
shower with his wife, because of this it can be portrayed as seeing Pat
suffering from trauma. Throughout the movie very few depressive episodes are
shown causing an imbalance view of the disorder. Also, the portrayal of the
Pat’s therapist is problematic because he intentionally provokes Pat by playing
a song that reminds him of the traumatic event and this is something a
therapist should never do. A patient should never be provoked but instead
helped. Through Cooper’s erratic, illogical and
obsessive behavior. He is not the most
severe case of a person with bipolar disorder but people with bipolar disorder
can change their attitude in a matter of second if they hear a song that sparks
a deep emotion or memory. “The story challenges the medical
‘establishment’ and the efficacy of medical science in bringing about results.
His mental health depends (and guess where this is going in the story) on his
ability to control his behavior through force of will.”

At the beginning of the film Pat was not taking his medications
prescribed to him due to the side effects. But Pat’s illness was progressively
treated by the dance project which helped him to become focused, and disciplined.
An example of treatment is due to Pat himself and his lifestyles changes as
well as the social support from the friends and family. The importance of
relationships for recovery is well established. Social support, because having
a social network to provide practical help, advice and emotional connection enhances
clinical outcomes in conditions. Tiffany also
coped with her depression through the dance project as well. Pat gradually
moves on and genuinely accepts Tiffany into his life, developing the interpersonal attraction for close
relationship. Through persistent hope, Pat eventually finds his silver

Pat’s bipolar disorder is not severe it is still important for it to be treated
to help with his manic episodes. If I were working on Pat’s case I would guide
him to towards having a lot of mutual support, because having a great support
system can help people with struggles manage their symptoms and life up to
their potential. Bipolar disorder is a chronic, relapsing illness therefore it
is important to continue treatment even when he is feeling better. I would give
him medication to help him be symptom free, but medication alone would not be
enough to help Pat control his symptoms. Although Pat struggles with taking his
mediation the best treatment involves a combination of both medication and
therapy including lifestyle changes and a social support. It is very important
that Pat surroundings himself with a good support system to help and encourage
him throughout his disorder. I would tell Pat to continue to exercise because
exercise has a beneficial impact on the mood, it can reduce multiple bipolar
episodes, and can be beneficial to the brain and nervous system. Physical
benefits of exercising include ganing control of not only our weight but helps
us improve our behavior mentally. Exercise can
promote psychological well-being as well as improve quality of life.
Psychological health is an important part of our lives; it affects our
emotions, moods, and social interactions. The link between mood and physical
activity is strong, for example, it improves self-esteem, decreases symptoms of
depression and improves body image. From a psychological perspective, exercise
reduces distractions from our daily stressors, decreases tensions, and increases
relaxation. There are also many physical benefits to exercise that can help
reduce the risks of health conditions and improve overall health. Meditation
would also work will for Pat, it would be a guide to help to control him maniac
episodes and changing behavior.  Many
psychologist use medications to reduce pain and is bring relaxation to a
patient. Mediation, is like a distraction, we are learning to take our mind off
the pain and focus on something else instead. Pat and Tiffany’s successful
performance in the dance contest and their passionate love for each other are
enough to diffuse all the simmering psychological and interpersonal tensions. Two
people meet and are attracted to each other; however, they have personal issues
that prevent them from immediately starting a healthy relationship; through a
series of poor decisions and misunderstandings, they learn and mature;
eventually, they mutually declare their love for each other and live happily
ever after. In In conclusion, he kind of lifestyle we lead can impact our
health status, and having a healthy mind, body, and soul. Pat needs to learn to
have a positive wellness in his life, wellness is much more than being free
from illness, it is maintaining a physical, mental, spiritual, occupational, and
intellectual level of healthiness. It is important to maintain these components
of wellness to live a high-quality life. The
mental and physical health care are fundamentally linked, and the relationship
between them can apply a positive influence on health and quality of life. The
state of our emotional well-being dictates the state of our physical health,
and how our bodies respond to the way we feel. Finally, I think that movie does a wonderful
job capturing the chaos and beauty that stem from knowing somebody or being
somebody that lives with a mental illness. 

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