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Government Honors 
Legislative Influence on Climate Change 
One of the most talked about issues today within the government is climate change. This issue proposes many threats like heat waves, sea-level rise and flooding. This puts all humans at risk with major consequences of famine, health security, and society in general. This would put most of the impact on the less wealthy citizens. Legislators play a large role in planning the restoration of the climate. How will threats of climate change influence legislative policy?
The threat of climate change not only effects Americans but all of the worldwide population. In order for this change to happen, a response is needed that must include an international agreement. National legislation is in charge of making this happen. Because of this, Parliament has a lot of power for the response to climate change. Fully researched climate legislation can bring a large amount of national and local benefits. These benefits include: better energy security, improved health, reduced disaster risk, increased access to sustainable energy, more high quality jobs, and generally better air quality. The cost of the impacts of climate change, including preparation, response, and recovery, are going to increase as time continues on. The most probable cause is greenhouse gas pollution.
An action plan has been put into motion for legislators. The main focus is to strengthen the international response to climate change. Without that, there is not much to go on. The legislative responses to the three United Nations processes must be consistent and mutually. 
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reinforcing. There are three main points that legislators are going to make. The first point is make sure all the national goals for climate change are consistent. This means that legislation must agree with the aim of limiting the global average temperature, which will help to minimize national climate risk. The second point is to strengthen the oversight of national commitments and government implementation of nation legislation. This would include enhancing transparency and accountability of climate action and reporting. The last point made is to improve the consistency between national legislation and other goals of society. These goals would include poverty reduction, disaster risk reduction, and improving access to energy. 
The action plan for the IPU also has good points. They have four areas of action that they are covering. The first point is to raise awareness of climate change among parliamentarians and building support for nation climate risk. The second point is to promote and facilitate the showcasing of good practice on legislation and oversight. The third point made is to strengthen the length between legislators and the United Nations. To do this, the plan is to facilitate more interaction between representing officials. The last point made is to support a stronger link between legislators and relevant civil society organizations. 
There are many details that go into the action plan for legislators . There are certain recommendations for the process. One detail is to consider new legislation. Also, making amendments to existing legislation to ensure consist climate goals. Detailed audit of existing climate-related legislation to understand the current legislative base and to identify gaps is another detailed recommendation. Targets should also be defined long-term and short-term. By setting smaller goals to reach an overall goal is the best way to may the plan of action work. 
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Details also go into the action plan for the IPU. The IPU has made certain commitments. Promoting the development of and supporting cross-party groups and suitable institutional architectures related to climate change, for example national committee structures, and to interaction with regional and international parliaments and parliamentary groups is the first commitment made. Capacity building of parliamentarians and the parliamentary services so that a long-term perspective on climate change is adopted, irrespective of the current parliamentary structure or any subsequent changes heralded by a potential change of government is the second commitment. Another important commitment the IPU makes is to encourage and facilitate stronger links to ensure a civil society, which will help in international relations. Good practice in climate legislation, covering mitigation, adaptation and oversight of governments, for promotion at IPU events, dissemination to members and for use by legislators in their national parliaments was also a committed made. The final commitment made was to initiate bilateral, regional and international parliament-to-parliament engagement to facilitate the sharing of good practice. 
There are many policies that must be considered. Mitigation policies are used to reduce and limit emissions of greenhouse gases. Under mitigation policies, pricing carbon can help limit greenhouse gases. Mitigation policies can take measures to take away greenhouse gas emissions from land use. This can be done by including the Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) scheme and by making changes in agricultural practice. Measure to support structural change can also be done under mitigation policies. This can be done by having temporary compensation plans for carbon-intensive industries. 

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President Trump’s ideas on climate change are similar to the previously mentioned ideas. “Americans have long been told that our country is running out of energy, but we now know that is wrong. America’s energy revolution has produced affordable, reliable energy for consumers along with stable, high-paying jobs for small businesses—all while dropping carbon emissions to their lowest level in 25 years. American energy policy must balance environmental protection 
with economic growth in order to encourage innovation, discovery, and prosperity. ” This statement made by the president shows us that is is working with the original plan to help climate change. 
Climate change is a major problem the United States has talked about for years and now with a plan of action we are ready to put things into motion. With help of legislators and Parliament climate change will become less of a negative effect for everyone worldwide. Possible consequences of flooding, heat-waves, and sea level rise can be solved by limiting the emission of greenhouse gases. The question, ‘How will threats of climate change influence legislative policy?’, is answered with this plan of action. 

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