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Should College Athletes Be Paid?Joe Lee Period 5     You are a college  football player and your school’s championship game is coming up. During practice one week before the big game, you break your leg and end up missing the next two weeks of class.  As bad as this is, it gets worse.  Sadly, you don’t have insurance and now have over $10,000 of medical bills.  While you’re in the hospital  you check the news and it says that college sports coaches get paid millions of dollars. This problem is affecting thousands of student athletes every day. The issue of whether student athletes should be paid is important because these same students are risking their lives, while the coaches and the universities they play for are making millions of dollars.  There is a problem, cause, and solution to why student athletes should be paid.    The problem with unpaid student athletes is that while students are going into debt by the millions just to pay for college, they are generating huge amounts of cash for others.  According to Grimson White Newspaper , ” Now seems as good a time as any to remind you that the players responsible for your entertainment,  will not bringing home a penny for their efforts.” People should care about this because a 16 year old in his first job flipping hamburgers at McDonalds is making more money than the best college football player.  The solution for paying the student athletes is sponsoring the student athletes. The best way to solve the problem is to sponsor the student athletes so they can get paid. This is the best solution because the athletes are getting paid and it’s not a financial burden on the school. Say Nike asks a student athlete to be a sponsor,  Nike would pay them for wearing their gear. This gives the players the money that they deserve.   According to, it states “Collegiate Sports aren’t big money makers ” This is not true. The reason why it’s untrue is because the many colleges like USC and UCLA  get a lot of money from team jerseys, sponsors, tv stations, and  game tickets.  The colleges bring in millions of dollars from sports.  Instead of paying the student athletes they are paying the coaches millions of dollars. If your boss wasn’t paying you would you still show up to work. These are the reasons why student athletes should be paid. It is clearly unfair that student athletes are playing and putting their bodies  on the line while the coach and staff get paid millions of dollars. Now student athletes won’t worry about their medical bills and can focus on their game and studies. Now that athletes are competing for pay they will work harder and increase their chance of going pro.                            

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