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Term Objectives

hotel should finish up the with renovations and construction at the hotel, they
also refurbish room the rooms that are old and weathered

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The hotel should work at retaining the current levels of repeat
business and developing further customer loyalty through customer loyalty
incentives and follow ups.

The hotel should to improve on interdepartmental communication by
incorporating technology e.g. The housekeepers should use apps and pads to
communicate on the availability of rooms to the front office in order for them
to be sold on time

The hotels website is already
up and running, but could to be revamped like adding secure interactivity, more
informative content, printable brochures etc

The hotel should continue ongoing staff training and skill
development to ensure the highest standards of service.

Term Objectives

The hotel should start attracting new market sectors such as the
university based business sector from universities like Wits university,
University of Johannesburg

hotel should focus on improving their mass
communication via print ads in trade publications and on the Internet, direct
mail campaigns to existing and prospective clients and personal selling in the
local market

The hotel should come up with a more consistent pricing strategy,
to provide added value for a reasonable rate as opposed to discounting and devaluing
our products and services.

The hotel should make sure that the Orion Devonshire is listed in
all major travel sites and websites

Long Term Objectives


hotel should consider expanding by building more rooms and by upgrading their the
star ratings at Tourism Grading Service of South Africa to 5 Stars

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