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Shakespeare was a playwright and actor in the acting company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. He was able to convey his feelings and thoughts through producing scripts which actors can portray through. Shakespeare’s plays were performed at the Globe Theater. The Globe Theater was always crowded with people excitedly watching plays being performed. The theater did not only showcase plays but also was “reputed to be a brothel and gambling house” (The Old Globe Theater History). The Globe Theater was always busy, in two weeks, actors could perform about “eleven performances of ten different plays” (The Old Globe Theater History). Within the acting business, there was an established hierarchy. Actors who had a stake in the company were called sharers and actors that were paid weekly wages were called hirelings (Victoria and Albert Museum). “The boys who played women roles were called apprentices and were paid very little” (Victoria and Albert Museum). There were no actresses only actors and women roles were played by young boys. “Actors received their lines as the play was in progress… and the complete scene of the play was not explained to the actors until it was actually being performed” (The Old Globe Theater History). To reenact scenes from the play, they did cue acting and there was no rehearsal time. This meant that “there was a person backstage who whispered the lines to the actor before he was going to say them” (The Old Globe Theater History). The actors had to keep the audience captivated by the acts. If the audience was bored, they would jeer at the actors and “would throw things on stage” (The Globe Theater). Actors would also have to have talents such as singing songs, playing instruments, dancing, and fencing onstage. The production of the plays were a huge success and “there was constant demand for new material” (The Old Globe Theater History). Before performances, flags were put up as advertisement and “they had different colors that indicated which play was next” (The Globe Theater). Also, before the plays were about to begin, a trumpet would be played. The stage productions consisted the use of massive props and special effects. There were “smoke effects, the firing of a real cannon, fireworks” (The Old Globe Theater History), flying entrances, and trapdoors. Plays were acted in the afternoon around 2pm using only sunlight as a source of light. Costumes were important to the production of the plays and were “made of silk and were embroidered” (The Globe Theater). They were essential to the production because they disguised young boys playing roles of women and they portrayed the different social rankings in the characters. The Globe Theater showcased many of Shakespeare’s popular plays and was a successful playhouse. Shakespeare’s emotions were expressed through the actors’ theatrical and sceneries. The extravagant sceneries and acting skills allowed the audience to empathize with Shakespeare’s thoughts and understand what the characters were narrating.

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