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Sexual Addiction…it’s not only about SEX! There is a lack of understanding and empathy for those who  have been ‘diagnosed’ with Sexual  Addiction. Having a strong interest in sex does not mean a person is a sex addict. An individual can be ia a healthy relationship, where they and their  partner enjoy the frequency of their  sexual activity. Sex addiction should not be defined by how much sex one has.????Sexual addiction is sometimes referred to as compulsive sexual behaviors, hyper sexuality or sexual dependency. It can be described as an intense craving and obsessional participation in sexual activities in a much greater extent and levelSome symptoms of sexual addiction in a person includesSpending a great deal of time in activities geared to prepare, engage and recover from sexual activities.Persistent abuse or use of pornographic materials and aphrodisiacs.Engaging in multiple affairs with multiple sexual partners.Making sexual reference in their talk, jokes, dressing and attitudes.Engaging in sexual behaviours with people discounting the repercussion on them Retort to stressful life situations by engaging in sexual fantasies, urges and behaviours.Experience strong and simultaneous sexual fantasies and urges, of which they are not able to control.Sexual addiction may be as a result of several factors working together. Some of these factors includeBiological factors; The hormonal actions and level of sex hormones plays part in the sexual life of individuals. Higher levels of sex hormones such as testosterone is associated with increased sex drive which when is not controlled and regulated may lead to obsessive sexual behaviorEnvironment factors;What we see, hear and experience has a way of manipulating our lives. In an environment where it exposes individuals to sexual materials and contents it poses the danger of introducing individuals to compulsive sexual behaviour.Mental Health issuesConditions such as depression, anxiety and other personality disorders at some point triggers  some individuals to seek comfort in sexual acts which gradually might lead to an addictionSocial IssuesPeople who are faced with rejection resort to activities that could be appealing and make up for their state of rejection. In choosing these activities, some choose to be sexually engage with others as a way of making up for their rejection and at a point end up in an addiction. Some others learn these addictive behaviours from adult individuals who are already into it or who engages them in their sexual acts earlier in their development stage. Sexual addiction has in itself possess several effects on their victims. Some of the effects of sexual addiction are;Decreased productivity as a result of one’s productive times being invested in sexual activitiesDecline in relationships with friends and familiesFeeling of guilt and shameNeglect of duties and obligations.Possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Waning physiological and emotional healthSexual thoughts and behavior can become problematic for some people, destroying relationships and careers and leaving sufferers drowning in shame. People who are identified as being sex addicts in general experience depression, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, lack of self-care, problems at work or in school, financial issues, legal woes, declining physical health, and more. In addition to the loss of trust, intimacy, and connection, any and all of these other consequences can negatively impact a primary romantic relationshipHow does a Sex Addiction develop? Sex addiction cna stem from adolescence, acting as a form of self-soothing due to growing up in environments that left them looking outside themselves for something that was lacking within. There is also a large literature documenting the co-occurrence of sex addiction with substance abuse, eating disorders, and early-life traumaSex addiction is a debilitating but treatable problem typically driven by shame, self-hatred, and unresolved early-life attachment traumas. With proper treatment and ongoing attention, the disorder can be put into remission and sex addicts can move forward into a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life—and that includes their sexual and romantic life.There is an increasingly higher number of people who are suffering with issues of sexual addiction  and are not able to disclose and seek help because of cultural values, shame and stigma associated with it. It is not so surprising because we live in a society where sexual issues are pushed to the back and not overly emphasize. Thus, the sexual behaviour of many youths and adults are kept in the dark.  Perceptibly, the question many would asked would be that;” could the rise of sexual addiction be associated to the media content of our technological age’? The internet, TV , magazines and websites  are filled with many nude , sexual scenes that have its way of influence on the youth and adult. Just like any other addictions (such as drug, alcohol ) sexual addiction  does not suddenly occur overnight  but develops over a period of time . In some cases, emotional and behavioral issues such as depression could lead to sexual addiction and is mostly obvious they do so to seek relief from stress.Treatment In seeking help as a sex addicts, it is advisable to talk to a professional being it a counselor, psychologist or social worker to help address the underlining issue that may have resulted in the addiction.Far too often addiction treatment focuses almost exclusively on the addict and his or her problem. I wanted to also provide insight, support, and guidance for the spouse. To this end, I’ve dedicated a chapter to betrayed partners, explaining the basics of sex addiction and digital age infidelity, validating their emotional lability, and pointing them toward the help that is available for them. The goal is to educate loving spouses while normalizing their experience, letting them know they’re not alone and that plenty of assistance is available.

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