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Service Level Agreement Outline o Design an issue report and save it on the cloud including the information provided by the client where each client is assigned a Customer Reference ID. o Produce online user guides, quick fixes and information packs to guide the user o Produce problems solutions in the common problems solutions documentation or FAQ’s. o Improve overall quality of staff and student IT experience o Provide information for system wide problems and outages via University e-mails Service Description City University’s IT Support Desk provides support to all university students and employees who require assistance in the following areas: o University email accounts o Internet access (e.g. connecting to Wi-Fi) o University purchased hardware (e.g. desktops, laptops, monitors, projectors, and printers) o Support for personal computers and devices is limited to: ? Connecting to university Wi-Fi ? Accessing university email and documents online o Remote access through Virtual Private Network (VPN) o Network access and storage Students and staff (customers) access IT support services via an online system, where they enter their login ID, City email address, phone number and the details of the issue. A front-line service agent gives the issue a unique job number, evaluates the issue and determines whether: o They can resolve the issue using: ? FAQs (e.g. connecting to Wi-Fi) that can be sent to customers ? User admin systems (e.g. resetting passwords) ? A knowledge base of common user problems and solutions Service Availability (Hours of Operation) City University IT Support Desk’s aim is to provide a service for all IT queries 24/7 to help resolve your issues EXCEPT during times of Service Maintenance. Any updates to the system will be communicated via the university email system. Every effort will be made to provide advance notice and with full information, in case of system maintenance, issues and outages and support with 99.99% availability during operation hours. Support requests may be submitted over the phone, via online chat, email or face-to-face. Face-to-face support is only available during office hours. The waiting time for Phone calls is at most 5 minutes (Please note that telephone support may not be immediately available at all times and waiting in queue is normal). If lines are busy, customer will be directed to the voice mail service and will be called back as soon as possible (ASAP). Phone Support: Call us on 0207 040 8181 (lines are open 24 hours, 7 days a week) 4 Online Help: Email: [email protected] Face-to-face Support: Support is available between 8:00am to 8:00pm (Monday to Friday) at the following location: City, University of London Northampton Square IT Service Centre Room E101 Service Maintenance City University’s IT Support Desk will carry out Service Maintenance from time to time to address compatibility and/or software changes, which may affect the services provided to the users(staff and students). However, Service Maintenance are carried out to: o Enhance features of the current versions of the software o Solve issues with our software or system (installation and system configuration) o Ensure that services continue to work reliably and securely City University’s IT Support Desk will put effort for minimizing Service Maintenance time. IT Support Desk aims to carry out any required maintenance related work outside the normal working day to minimise inconvenience to staff and students. But, if in any case, Service Maintenance undertakes any task during working days, all users will be informed a week in advance of any Service Maintenance via emails. Emails will contain important information related to maintenance times such as; the date of the maintenance as well as the duration of Service Maintenance. Emails will also contain information about who will be affected during the Service Maintenance time. For instance, some services (like staff email, files and corporate systems) may not be available. Maintenance Time: All essential maintenance will be carried out once a month. Service Maintenance Time (Day) Service Maintenance Times (Hours) Saturday 3:00am – 7:00am GMT During Service Maintenance time, services might be difficult to reach or might be potentially interrupted, so the user should not depend on system for any critical work. Priorities and Response Times Any issue, query or request can be reported online (user must login to Moodle to report issue), by email or over the phone. Once issue is reported, user will receive a tailored email and will be assigned with a reference ID. City University’s IT Support Desk will utilise the accompanying guidelines in handling IT related requests and make every effort to respond and resolve issues within the Service Level Agreement (SLA) specified time. If a request cannot be resolved within the SLA resolution time, IT Support Desk team member will inform the user via email (with the reason of delay) and provide the user with an expected time of completion. Some issues solution can be found in the Common Problems Solutions documentation or FAQ’s. However, if issue is not stated in the Common Problems Solutions documentation, user will receive an email from the IT Support team with the solution tailored to the issue reported. 5 All the reported IT issues will have a priority and severity level depending on issue, the impact it will have and the context. For instance, priority scale rating between 1 – 10: ? Issue rated between 1 – 3 will have high priority ? Issue rated between 4 – 7 will have medium priority ? Issue rated between 8 – 10 will have low priority The table below shows examples of issues and their response and resolution times based on priority. A priority scheme will be applied to all issues taken by the Support Desk. Severity Level Definition Example of the issue Response Time Resolution Time Critical System outage or high user impact Network/internet down Immediate 4 hours Urgent High impact issues (all users are affected significantly) Degradation of system execution because of hardware and software changes made to the system Within 1 hour 8 hours High Affects multiple users (not significant impact), work can be performed Technical problems that impede timesensitive work Within 2 hours 24 hours Important Affects a small number of users, however work can still be achieved Support request raised by staff Within 6 hours 24 hours Informational Request for general queries only General questions Within 1 working day 1 week Response Time: Measured using issue submittal until the response to client for the first time. Resolution Time: Measured using issue submittal until the issue is solved. Customer Responsibilities Before contacting City University’s IT Support Desk for service disruptions, users should check online help such as FAQ’s or Common Problems Solutions Documentation. These FAQ’s and Problems Solutions Documentation are readily available on City University’s IT Service page. When problem is not solved by above, the user should contact City University’s IT Support Desk for assistance. Following information must be provided by the user when contacting City University’s IT Support Desk: o Complete contact information (first and last name, phone number and email address) o A clear and specific description of the problem or request User will be assigned to the appropriate tech. member to help solve the issue. 6 Staff and Students Responsibilities Staff and students are responsible for the following: o Reporting, via the correct reporting procedure o Supplying full contact details and availability when contacting IT Support Desk o Quote issue reference ID if contacting IT Support Desk for update on an existing issue CITY IT Support Desk Responsibilities City University’s IT Support Desk responsibilities are to: o Provide the services offered o Inform students or staff via email of system outages or service maintenance in advance Exclusions The City University’s IT Support Desk is not responsible for: o Formal out-of-hours support o Support for home and personal computers o IT Support Desk is not responsible for any personal device damages at City university Network and remote access (VPN) City university should provide a very reliable and secure network. The network will be accessible not only from all the departments of university but can also be accessed remotely e.g. from home. The process to get access to university network will be clearly defined. Every user will be assigned a unique login details such as; email address and password. Therefore, user can access the stored contents securely from anywhere. For the maintenance service user will be notified in advance via email. Therefore, users should not rely on the VPN for critical work during maintenance service period. Penalties If City University’s IT Support Desk fails to meet the guarantees in the SLA (excluding Service Maintenance and downtime), City University’s IT Support Desk will be held responsible for any damages caused to network. 

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