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care is respectful of and unrestricted by considerations of age,
colour, creed, culture,disability or illness, gender, sexual
orientation, nationality, politics, race or social status.

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render health services to the individual, the family and the
community and coordinate their services with those of

groups. The
practice of nursing requires specialized knowledge, skill, and
independent decision making.


my opinnon the main answer is assuring good service in an ethical
obligation of every heathcare provider globally. In view of this the
responsibilities of a nurse in quality improvement include:

of therapeutic which is phsically, sosially, pschologicall, conducive
for the patients. Staffing the nurse should ensure that the
hosipital/ward/unity is adequately covered with nurses staff of
relevant cadre and spacialty. Good interpersonal communcation with
the patient. Delivering quality nursing care to patients as at when

of responsibility: the nurse leader should delegate responsibility to
subordinates by considering their knowlege

are personally responsibile for their work. They envaluates their own
others’ competences when receiving assignments and when giving
assignments to others.

nurse has an obiligation to constantly of develop their competences.
Nurses working in the same unit have joint responsibility for the
optimal quality of nursing and continuous improvement of the quality
in their unit.

belive that the nurse respects the patient’s self-determination and
provides the patient with the opportunity to participate in
decision-making about their own care. The nurse will keep
confidentiality and the confidential information provided by the
patient and consider when discussing them with co-workers.

for me the
nurse is
primarily responsible for their activities for those patients who
need care. I
the nursing have to work by responsibility,
because those need care and the
nurses must be work with them
opendialog. The
nurse maintains a standard of personal health such that the ability
to provide care is not compromised.

nurses’ work in home care is versatile and enables extensive use of
professional skills and independent work. The work emphasizes
responsible decision-making skills, good interaction skills, and team
and networking skills.

requires self-initiative and activity, responsibility, tolerance and
ability to work independently, decision-making and

careers take widely divergent paths – practice focus varies by
setting, by type of client, by different disease, therapeutic
approach or level of rehabilitation.

nurses are mobile and sophisticated and work in a society that is
changing and asymmetrical for consumers. The result is that the risk
of harm is inherent in the provision of nursing care.

competent nursing practice is grounded in the law as written in the
state nurse practice act. The practice of nursing is a right granted
by a state to protect those who
vulnerable population.

responsibly with rehabilitators and promote rehabilitation through
professional interaction skills.

with a service-minded and responsible approach and promoting
versatile and creative rehabilitation of the unique situations of
professional interaction skills.

use of information on rehabilitation, functional ability, and
workable workmanship in your work.

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