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Selecting the right dog breed requires thought & careful planning. With over 160 dog breeds to choose from, finding the right dog for you requires a bit of homework.————————————————————————————————————————-Who isn’t delighted by cute lil puppies? Owning a puppy dog is a tough task as many things need to be considered before choosing a perfect dog breed as your companion coz it’s a long time commitment and requires thoughtful planning.With over 160 plus dog breeds to select from having different temperament, activity and energy levels, physical appearances and needs choosing a perfect dog for you requires a lil bit of homework. If you are planning or searching  for the right dog breed below are some helpful tips for selecting and choosing the right dog breed of your choice.Tip 1 : Why do you want to own a Dog ?Every dog requires a task to channelize their energy levels. What will your dog’s task be?? A loyal companion? Family friendly dog? Highly energetic sporty dog? A cuddle friend for your kids? Special activity such as search and rescue or security service dogTip 2 : What size of a dog are you planning to choose?As there are 160 plus dog breeds having different physical appearances  to choose from you must choose a dog breed which best suites you? Toy dog breed (upto 12 pounds)? Small dog breed (12 to 25 pounds)? Medium dog breed (25 to 50 pounds)? Large dog breed (50 to 100 pounds)? Extra large dog breed ( over 100 pounds)Tip 3 : How much experience do you have with dogs?Are you the first time owner of a dog then choose a dog such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador, Pug, Havanese and Grey Hounds these dog breeds are relatively easy to train and have a gentle, calm and friendly temperament.Other breeds such as German Shephard, Bull Mastiff, Boxer, Fox Terrier and Dalmatian etc need an owner who is an experienced dog handler and have worked with dogs earlier.Tip 4 :  How Much Time Do You Have ?As exercising and grooming your dog are the major areas which requires a ample amount of time. Some breeds which are highly energetic requires a lot’s of space and needs active exercises around 2-3 hours a day ex. Fox Terrier. Other breeds such as pug, labrador, great dane are apartment dogs a 30 minutes of walk can be sufficient for them.A breed such as Boxer requires very less grooming time, compared to an German Shephard or a English Sheep Dog having long fur.Tip 5 :  What Other Factors You Must Consider ?? The size of your home and open yard? Your family activities & lifestyle ? Your family members (make sure they are not allergic to dogs)? Your financial status? Choose and buy your puppy from authenticated purebred breeders  

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