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Selby E. Springfield Mrs. AdcockEnglish 3December 18 2016Marilyn Monroe Marilyn The Classic by Norman Mailer    Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, CA. She was one of the most famous woman in the 20th Century. Her real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. Marilyn was a very popular provocative symbol, this made her very attractive and important to others. Marilyn died when she was 36 in 1962. She had an overdose of Barbiturate overdose. This medication was used to reduce anxiety and stress. Marilyn was known as a “dumb blonde” but she was actually very intelligent. She had an IQ of 168.  Marilyn also loved cooking and she was good at it.     Marilyn had an absent father and a mentally unstable mother. The identity of her father hasn’t been found yet. She was an orphan when she was a child. She went through 11 different foster homes and several different orphanages. She suffered abuse in these foster homes and orphanages. Marilyn didn’t have any friend when she was young. She thought she was invisible because she didn’t get any attention.     After going from foster home to foster home, Marilyn found a safe and secure place for herself. She lived with her friend Ana Lower in Los Angeles, CA. Ana was Marilyn’s aunt. It didn’t feel like just another foster home to marilyn, it felt like home. Later, Ana was getting old and her health was suffering. She then went to live with a peasant women named Grace. Marilyn stayed there and went to  Emerson Junior High School. She also graduated from 9th grade in 1941. After that, she went to Van Nuys High School. Some chaos happened to where Marilyn had to move and this interrupted her sophomore year. She then moved and  attended a new school called University of High School in February 1942. Marilyn couldn’t stay at her new home permanently so she went to another orphanage.     When Marilyn got a little older she married a man named Jim Dougherty. Marilyn really didn’t have a choice. It was either an orphanage or getting married. Plus, She was in love with him. Before the marriage, Jim was a little hesitate because they had an dramatic age difference. She was just turning 16 and he was 21. When Marilyn got married she didn’t graduate from high school. Marilyn became Mrs. Dougherty in 1942. Later on in life they divorced 1946. Marilyn was modeling and Jim was in the military. They were just too busy to care for one another. After divorcing Marilyn was living good. She owned over 400 books and also studied acting at the Actors lab in Hollywood. 20th century Fox gave her a contract and she sang 3 songs in a big hit movie. Marilyn then signed another contract with 20th century Fox. this time it was an 7 year contract and she starred in 2 movies that made her a popular sex symbol.     There were many challenges marilyn faced as a child. She was an orphanage like I explained and she was abused. When she was an adult and very famous she felt neglected one morning. Marilyn felt like some people who she wa close to her didn’t accept her. She got a few phone calls that day and she was invited to lunch but she declined. She felt like not herself. Later that day she overdosed and died.     Marilyn Monroe was very important. She starred in lots of movies whether she sang or was a main character in it. These movies became very popular and so did she. Marilyn also was a sex symbol. When she was around 15 she grew into herself as a woman. Marilyn got hips and lips (that’s what i like to say). She had a very important provocative reputation to keep. Marilyn also went from abused orphan to glamorous movie star. That’s  something that doesn’t happen every day. She wanted to be an actress and that’s exactly what she did.     I admire Marilyn’s childhood the most. She was just an orphan and she felt alone. She then went to highschool and put all that behind her. Marilyn also married and threw her past away. That took real courage and that’s what i admire about her. No matter what people said or did, she focused her goal and achieved it. One important fact is that Marilyn won golden globe for starring in Some Like It Hot as Sugar Kane.     I honestly loved this book. Since I’ve read the book feel like I knew Marilyn Monroe  as a person. I had heard about marilyn before i read the book but i wasn’t sure really WHO she was so i decided to red this book. It was very interesting. I learned a lot of things i had never learned before and never even heard before. I would suggest this book for adults. I thought marilyn was just an famous actress but she was much more. She was a provocative symbol which i had no idea about. If i would have know that she was known for that probably won’t have read the book. I don’t regret reading it though. I learned alot about her and her life. I don’t know if parent would let their children read this just because of what she was known for. My mom told me before i read the book what she was known for and i was surprised. Marilyn didn’t see like that kind of person but i guess i was wrong. This book would be good for teen and adults When you become a teen you kind od learn all about the world and how it goes round. This audience would love this book because it is very interesting and informational/ i was just reading it for my book report and then i actually got into it. When i came home from school all week all i did was just go in my bedroom and read that book. Always looked forward  reading it. That’s why i think teen and adults would be this book. Most adults know more about marilyn than teen just because they were born earlier. This book is great and i recommend it for 15+. It’s such a great book and you learn alot about how she became who she was back when she was here.        

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