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Schedule DevelopmentNumerous projects was unsuccessfulto meet schedule predictionbecause of lack of schedule development   to overcomethis. There are methods which used for project schedule. Such as critical path method and PERT method 1. Critical path method (CPM)Thisis the method which is used calculate the time duration which is taken byproject. The critical path method help to estimate the time which used toschedule development.

Critical method used by many organization to estimate thetime duration because in a single project there are multiple tasks running simultaneouslyCPM able to show which task take how much time to complete . there are two wayto calculate CPM forward pass and backward pass .Which help to estimate earliesttime for the project the longest path is consider as Critical path . Because itincluded all Critical element .

TheCritical path method is network diagram which have nodes in it .Every node havetask and value assigning to it by find the relationship between the node and aftercalculating the node value we come to know the Critical path For example:The critical path is the chain of activities withthe longest time taken duration. A slow up inany of these activities will result in a delay for the whole project. This critical path example help us tounderstand the how this method work.                                                                                                                           Using the Critical Path Method (CPM)Theduration of each activity is listed above each node in the diagram. For eachpath, add the duration of each node to determine it’s total duration. Thecritical path is the one with the longest duration.

   Thereare three paths through this project.Start-> Activity1->Activity3->Activity4->finish                              3+7+2=12Start-> Activity2->Activity3->Activity4->finish                              5+7+2=14    (Critical Path)Start-> Activity2->Activity5-> finish                                                5+4=9 Advantages of CPM·        Makes dependencies visible between the projectactivities·        Increases visibility of impact of schedule revisions·        Enables the Project Manager to optimize efficiencyDisadvantages of CPM·        For large and complex projects, there’ll be thousands ofactivities and dependency relationship·        The Critical Path Method does not accountfor resource and resource allocation        

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