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Scarlet letteressayIntroduction                NathanielHawthorne wrote his classic novel, The Scarlet Letter in a literal sense andsymbolically. Hawthorne wanted to instill his strong ideas into the minds ofreaders.

  Symbolism helps the reader tothink about the meaning. The reader can try to find out what the author wants toconvey through different figures of speech. Makes the story comes alive more ifthe book has a lot of symbolism. Hawthorne used symbols to convey deepthoughts.Nathaniel Hawthorne uses manyexamples of symbolism throughout the novel. Some examples of these are pearlscrimson tunic, the sunlight, and the scarlet letter itself. Scarlett letterThe characters are the most obvioususe of symbolism in the book.

Whom can have various meanings. The communityuses the letter on Hester’s bosom initially as a mark of j punishment and tointimidate others from committing sins. Hester is a disgraced woman with asymbol to remind her of her act of adultery. A symbol of guilt.

Hester’s scarlet letter is thestrongest symbol., The scarlet letter has notable meanings like adultery, sin,hard work, skill, charity, righteousness, sacredness, and, of course, grace. Atsome point, they say that the “A” stands for “Able, it is likesaying, Hester is such an able woman. It is a symbol of shame that everyonerecognizes. Hester’s daughter Pearl also can be characterized by the color red.She is a unique but intelligent child who serves as a reminder to both Hesterand Dimmesdale of the sin they have committed.  Pearls dressPearl’s clothes represent her as an extension,of Hester’s passions both in beauty and deed. Hester draws hatred from thecommunity by dressing Pearl in gold and red, which represents Hester’s own”shame.

Even when Hester visits the Governor to beg for pearl to stay with, shedresses her up in a velvet, crimson, tunic. Pearl’s clothes play on Hester`simagination and mostly passion that give Hester her color while the rest of thevillage seems to be in black and white. Pearl`s dress also serves as an act ofrebellion.This pushes the idea that Pearl isthe living embodiment Scarlet Letter which is mentioned later by Dimmesdaleduring his appeal to the governor.  Hementions in chapter eight, that Pearl is “a being capable of eternal joyor sorrow…to remind her, at every moment, of her fall”.

 Hawthorne uses pearls dress as a connection tothe scarlet letter. Sunlight Hawthorne usessunshine in the novel to symbolize purity and hope. In one important scene,Pearl asks Hester to grab some sunshine and give it to her to play with.

Hawthorne uses sunlight to represent joy and truth.Nature is used to show Hester’s lackof joy, lack of acknowledging the truth, and the difference between innerthoughts and the outside world. The sunlight seems to be avoiding Hester onpurpose as she and Pearl walk through the forest. As it often does, lightsymbolizes truth, then this strange natural phenomenon appears to be suggestingthat Hester will not find, or avoiding the “truth” that she wants to convey toDimmesdale. The sunshine is associated withtruth, as light is. During the walk in the forest taken by Hester and Pearl.Pearl runs ahead of Hester and plays in the sunshine, but when Hester attemptsto get into the sunshine but it disappears.

 ConclusionThere are many reasons why theScarlet Letter is a classic. Whether it is the way he writes the story indetail. Or if the psychological way he talks about sin. Or if you are aromantic and the story of Hester and Dimmesdale affair intrigues you, NathanielHawthorne uses imagery and symbolism to its full potential.


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