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 Saudi Arabia is the 13th largest country in
the world.Saudi Arabia 868,730 square miles.It is a kingdom in Southwest
Asia.The national flag of Saudi Arabia is green,on the flag it says “There is
no god but god”This means that their is only one god.There government consist
of an absolute Monarchy.It borders the Persian Gulf and Red Sea.Saudi Arabia is
a very desert place.There is a lot of sand.There are many deserts in Saudi
Arabia but there is one desert which is the biggest desert in Saudia Arabia,the
An-Nafud Desert.The An-Nafud Desert has many reoccurring sand storms.Winds can
be extremely

strong.From the many
sand storms many sand dunes form up to 100 ft tall.Saudi Arabia has the best
water supply.

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   There water comes from plants that removes
salt from water called desalination plants.These plants are located near the
Red Sea.If you ever plan on taking a trip to Saudi Arabia should know that this
is a very strict muslim place.If you are not muslim than you cannot enter Saudi
Arabia.Their laws are strictly enforced.You should also know that punishment is
a must when in Saudi Arabia.Alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia.You can be
banned from drinking Alcohol.While in Saudi Arabia you must follow the
Qur’an,the book of Allah.If you break the rules than their will be harsh
punishment behind your actions.There is a very strict dress code in Saudi
Arabia.Women are required to wear long loose black Abayas.There head must be
covered with a head scarf.In the western coast of Saudi Arabia some cities
allow women to wear colorful overgarments.There are many different things to do
in Saudi Arabia.You can vist the national Meuseum.The national Mueseum consist
of many different artifcats from long ago.The national Mueseum has the original
copy of the holy quran which is the book of Allah.You can also visit Mount Uhud
where the Muslims and the prophet (sw) faught against non muslims because they
wouldnt believe in the word of allah.One of the most popular places to visit in
Saudi Arabia is Masjid-An-Nawabi.Masjid An-Nawabi is a very big mosque.This
Masjid is always open 24 hours for men.The women can enter from time to time.

   This is a place of worship.It is a very
peaceful place.Muslims from all over the world come to pray to Allah.Some may
think that Saudi Arabia is a bad place.Some may say it’s a good place depending
on your faith in Allah.There has been many different stories told about how
Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom formed.In the 1400’s Sauds Dynasty was founded near

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