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for Urban India:

While rural India is thriving with community level
water solutions, urban India remains untouched by innovations and continues to
face challenges of drinking water.

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Another challenge that urban people face is depending
on non-assured sources of water or is left with expensive options like buying
Rs15-20 water bottle. Plastic bottles in turn add to the waste problem and
increases pollution.

Sarvajal faced these challenges?

1-      Decentralized
Hub and Spoke drinking water solutions for urban slums:

In order to serve areas which are not
well-equipped and non-piped areas, Sarvajal uses Hub and Spoke model. This
model is designed in a manner that serves areas which are not well-equipped
with power or piped water supply.


This model consists of a localized
installed purification unit and a network of water ATM units installed at
multiple locations within the community. Purification technology and capacity
of the purification unit is chosen on the basis of quality of raw water
available and regularity of power supply/target population respectively.

Transporting water from the
purification site to the ATMs requires a modified tank-mounted vehicle that
would collect water from the site of purification and fill the ATMs through
no-touch transfer mechanism. As soon as the water level goes down a certain
limit in the ATM, an alert will be generated and will be refilled by water
carried by the vehicle from the plant site.


2-      Demonstrated
Experience in Delhi and Bhubhaneshwar:

Piramal Sarvajal has pioneered the
Hub & Spoke business model and has installed it effectively in 8
resettlement colonies (slums) at Delhi with the support of Delhi Jal Board.

After Delhi, Bhubaneswar is the
first Smart City to setup a ‘Hub N Spokes’ water ATM project and has signed up
with Piramal Sarvajal to set up the decentralized safe drinking water solution
through 4 Hub Purification Units and 40 ATMs.

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