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Sanford Meisner was a well known  American acting teacher . Ironically he was nicknamed Sandy. He was born August 31, 1905 in Brooklyn, NY. Unfortunately died February 2, 1997 in his Los Angeles home at age 91. He was married to Peggy Meredith from 1948- 1950. Ironically he was nicknamed Sandy. He was the founder of the Group Theatre, a theater ensemble, which was the main attraction of the thirties. He was honored by the governor of California and was named the “Humanitarian of the Year 1990”. For example, The House of Connelly, Paradise Lost and Golden boy. When he was still compromised to the group, he became the leader of the acting department in New York. Sadly the group diminished in 1941. Meisner sought to teaching others and briefly appearing in films and Broadway.  In the next couple years he enhanced his teaching skills in the Neighborhood Playhouse. He was able to work alongside many famous students such as Tom Cruise, Peter Falk, Robert Duvall, and Sandra Bullock. He wanted the same outcome from these actors truthful acting. While he was troubled with many physical problems such as losing his larynx, he fought through and made acting the biggest part of his life. Even though he died he left a legacy of commitment in the performing arts.  He had a strong quote “That which hinders your task is your task” you have to work through an obstacle with earnest emotion.  Throughout his life he was able to write ‘actors are not guinea pigs to be manipulated, dissected, let alone in a purely negative way. Our approach was not organic, that is to say, not healthy”. He continuously discussed his technique with Adler who also work with Stanislavsky. He realized from his conversations that if any actor would be able to achieve their goal they need to live truthfully. Sanford Meisner was a mentor who pulled the truth and organic emotions from acting. Meisner was an extremely influential American acting teacher of this century. He guided numerous generations to be truthful and spontaneous. Leading them to work with other actors, not in contrast of them. His students included actors and directors alike. He was strongly into the relationship of actors to be based on instinct. He grew out of the group theatre and began to created multiple exercises for actors he focused on repetition. This concept was to produce real emotional reactions. Meisner understood that the best acting was when spontaneous responses were immediately emitted from an actors  surroundings. An actor’s intellectuality was not the best tool an actor can use on stage. It makes chemistry between actors seem artificial and very easy to tell when you’re “acting”. His primary technique was the importance of repetition. Even he had troubles, it took a while for him to realize that the one thing that pinched his nerves was what he wanted in life. He’s been an iconic teacher of acting for decades.

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