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Sam Adams (4) vs. Marquis de Lafayette (10)In my opinion, Sam Adams is more influential than Marquis de Lafayette. Firstly, Adams helped organize the Boston Tea Party ( This was one event that sparked the revolution. If they had never done this act of rebellion, the king might not have enforced so many Intolerable Acts after the event had occurred. This caused America to rebel against the British laws and enforcement. On the other hand, Lafayette was left with a lot of inheritance from his family dying ( He was able to support America with his skills as a military officer. Even though Lafayette played a crucial role in America’s development and rebellion, Sam Adams’ influence far outways Lafayette’s.Paul Revere (5) vs. Benjamin Franklin (8) At first glance, I thought Paul Revere was more influential. I thought of him as a gallant man on a horse, but never thought of how important Ben Franklin really was. Paul Revere was a crucial member of the Sons of Liberty, and his most known feat was his ride to Lexington to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock that the British were coming ( If he hadn’t have gone, the British would have taken them by surprise. Ben Franklin revolutionized science in the 1700’s. Not only did he study electricity, but he also looked at meteorology, ocean currents, and refrigeration ( Besides science, Franklin signed all four of the key documents that set America up for success; The Declaration of Independence (1776), the Treaty of Alliance with France (1778), The Treaty of Paris (1783), and the U.S. Constitution. Ben Franklin contributed in ways far superior than Revere.George Washington (1) vs. Pontiac (12)Pontiac and his people fought back against the British tribes. He successfully captured 8 enemy forts. His last attempt, in Detroit, failed, and he was unable to recover from the loss. He died after another Native-American stabbed him ( Although Pontiac was highly praised and looked up to, Washington’s successes helped shape America into what it is today. Washington was reliable and troops loved him. George stayed with his men through the winter at valley forge, and would make sure all of his soldiers were fed before even he would eat ( Washington’s perseverance and love for his men and his country, led me to believe that Washington was more influential than Pontiac.

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