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S1: The mosque is also known as a Masjid which means place of prostration.Muslims pray 5 times a day and they can take place anywhere. Muslims believe that you should be as clean as possible, smell your best and dress your best when praying at the mosque so you can uphold the sacredness and purity of the mosque while also being respectful to Allah. S2: When I started the mosque I decided to make it out of a cardboard box and make it oversized so you could see more of the little things in it such as the prayer clock and the shoe racks.S3: In the middle of building it I began to paint the exterior of the mosque and start printing off the carpet that they pray on. As well as the other details like the shahadah. I also began to build the minbar and mihrab.S4: Towards the end of the construction of the Mosque I turned my focus to the exterior of the mosque where I started working on the courtyard, fountain and minaret. S5: Muslims must be clean when they pray so the fountain would be filled with clean, flowing water so they could perform wudu. This is what the cleaning of the body is called. The hand mouth and face are cleaned three times and than the other areas of the body that are exposed to dirt are cleaned. The minaret served as a place where the Muezzin would go and call out the daily prayers to the town but has since been outsourced to speaker systems, so it is now there for aesthetic reasons. The prayer hall is covered in carpet and is very modest. You will not see any images of idols or pictures of anything in here or throughout the mosque as muslims believe this could distort the true image of God. There is usually two separate areas, one for men and one for women. This is so neither gender is distracted by the other and so they can focus on prayer. Mihrab is an indentation in the wall that indicates the way of Mecca. It varies in colour and size but is usually under a painting of the shahadah. The Minbar is a platform from which the Imam leads the prayers from, it is located beside the Mihrab. The shoe shelf is there so you can put your shoes away in order to keep the prayer hall clean.Even where Muslims pray has to be clean so prayer carpets and rugs are a way to make sure this happens and have become a tradition to use. 

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