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S W O T analysis is necessary when we are going to make any plan to reach at the specific goal. It is very necessary for us to consider what we are going to do and what we need to do that. A project or goal can never be achieved without any plan. So S W O T analysis test all the internal and external factor of any organization. By using SWOT analysis we can find out the strength of the Tesco, why it is extending their business also in UK or in abroad. This analysis highlight all the factor in the organization
For example Strength of Tesco
Good Infrastructure
Parking Space
Good Customer Service
Self Checkout service
Club Card as a loyalty for customer
Free Delivery to the good customer
Online buying service with good offers
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Strength means positive things of an organization. It strength help to compete with the competitors. Your strength might be any thing that attracts the customer. This strength give you good profit and help to stay in the market. For example Tesco has a good strength that makes him in the good position in the market. Strength of Tesco is :-
Good Infrastructure
A huge parking space
Cheep price product
Available in all over (village or cities)
Easy to accusable
Club card system
Online Shopping available
Self Check out machines
Gives good offer
Weakness is the apposite to strength. Any thing that your competitors have got but you are not able to use that thing that can be your weakness. And that effect negative on your business. So it is necessary for any organization to find out its weakness to run a smooth business. Examples of weakness.
It might be technology
If your competitor has good machines they can pull you back.
S W O T analysis help you to find out the opportunities within the organization. It gives you clear vision of your organization at a particular state. So it is easy to make decision to achieve next goal.
Expend your business
Threats mean what thing can make problem for you. It you what is threat for you. It might me your competition, your information system and any thing else. So you can remove your threats before problem come in front of you.

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