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Ryan LuceMedical MicrobiologyDr. Fisher1-30-18Literary Assignment OneTrachomatous trichiasis is a medical problem that can cause blindness through infection. The microorganism that commonly causes this issue is Chlamydia trachomatis (Bickley et al). When the microorganism is present around the human eye, it can cause health issues with the cornea, conjunctiva, and/or eyelashes turning inward, all of which can contribute to vision loss (Bickley et al). To treat this process, doctors recommend surgery to correct whatever problem is causing the blindness, and try to restore vision. Even though there is the possibility of saving their sight, there are still those that choose not to have the surgery that will save their sight. The authors of the article hypothesized that there had to be variable factors that kept the individuals affected by this disease from choosing to have the surgery and try and save their vision. To find out why people would opt out of the surgical option the researchers went to Africa, where Trachomatous trichiasis is extremely prevalent, and gave a survey to both those who opted to have the eye surgery and those who did not have the surgery. The survey was extensive and included open-ended and yes/no questions about the surgery, as well as chances for the person to write their own reasons for not having the surgery. Once all of the data was collected, the results were then compounded and read. From the surveys, the researchers found that there were gender, economical, transportational, and finding people to accompany them to the surgery were some barriers that caused people to opt out of the surgery (Bickley et al). Also, the researchers found fear to be very prevalent among those who did, and those who did not have the surgery (Bickley et al). With this being said, fear is the major contributor to someone choosing not to have the surgery (Bickley et al). The results also found that misinformation about the surgery can lead to people avoiding it (Bickley et al).From this research and the conclusions of the study, it is easy to see how these barriers can be overcome, and allow for more people to have this beneficial surgery. One of the first things that can be done is educating the people with Trachomatous trichiasis about the great benefit of this surgery. This will show the people how sight issues can be restored with this surgery. Also allowing for more advertising for the free surgery centers and transportation vehicles, will persuade more people to opt for the surgery. The free centers and transportations services allow for those that are economically burdened to be more likely to have this surgery. As the researchers also pointed out, having people who have successfully underwent the surgery talk to those considering the surgery will help get rid of the fear of the procedure (Bickley et al).  All of these solutions will lead to more people getting the treatment that they need.

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