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a large medical organization is no easy task, there are many parts that make it
a whole. To make sure all those different entities run smoothly by themselves
but also as part of a cohesive organization multiple people must be involved in
the management. For that reason, there is a chief operating officer, several
vice presidents, a manager of every department and several team leaders for
every manager. For this interview I had the pleasure of meeting with Jackie
Yon, the Associate Vice President of Patient Care Services. This means she
oversees all departments that associate in caring for patients, such as
environmental services, patient food services, laundry services, and of course,
bedside nursing care. After speaking to her in depth about LRH (Lakeland
Regional Health) for over an hour I learned a great deal about the organization’s
future plans, mission, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and her vision about

Nursing Vision

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Yon became a Registered Nurse in 1972 in a time where women either became a
teacher or a nurse. By becoming a nurse and she actually upset her parents because
they wanted her to teach. After spending two and a half years as a bedside
nurse in the surgical intensive care unit or SICU she became a charge nurse at
age 27. After spending a few years as the charge nurse, she was then promoted
to the manager for 35 years. While still holding that position, she was also
given other titles as well, she spent time as the director of critical care
overseeing the intermediate critical care, or IMCU, the cardiovascular
operation room or CVOR, the PACU or post anesthesia care unit and of course the
SICU. She then was again promoted in 2004 the director of Cardiology and then
in 2011 was promoted for the last time to AVP or Associate Vice President.
Through her 46 years as a Registered Nurse and her 43 years at LRH Jackie has
had time to learn and create her own nursing vision. For Jackie, her nursing
vision is to see that this institution and all 1,500 of its nurses incorporate
Duffy’s quality caring model. She firmly believes that if Lakeland Regional
Health was able to engage all of its nurses and them truly understand it, and
incorporate the model into their everyday bedside practice that the nursing
care would become even greater. It is her belief that if this where to happen,
the compassion rate would increase, thus increasing the patient satisfaction
and safety, and in turn increasing the scores the hospital receives on its Medicare


continuing our conversation, I asked Jackie what her mission is for the
organization, and she referred to the Lakeland Regional Health mission
statement, “To deliver the best outcomes and safest
care by placing people at the heart of all we do. We improve lives every day by
promoting wellness, education and discovery” (, 2016). Jackie stated
that by following this mission we have achieved and maintained our current
certification as an accredited Joint Commission facility. She was adamant that
this mission has and will continue to lead this organization to great things.
She explained that by following this mission they have become primary care and
stroke certified by the Joint Commission and hopes to soon become cardiology
certified in the next survey in 2019.

Strategic Plans

Next, we then spoke about the future plans that Lakeland
Regional Health has for itself. She explained that the number one plan on everyone’s
plate at the moment was to open the new Women’s and Children’s Center. Jackie
said that construction was nearing completion and that the doors are going to
open on June 1st of this year. She is positive that this will give
LRH a stronger presence in the community in regards to women and children’s
health. As of current, the hospital has had to send their high-risk mothers and
children to other facilities because the wards within the main building are not
equipped to handle such things, but in the new building they will be able to.
She also described that by moving all things related to women and children’s
health to the new building it would free up space for other areas, such as
stroke patients, and cardiac patients. She explained that after everything was
settled with the move the hospital’s next plan is to remove all semi-private
rooms in the main facility. This will not only improve patient satisfaction but
it will also improve survey scores for the hospital as well.

Needs, Strengths, and

We then
broached the subject of the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the hospital.
She started this conversation by stating that the number one strength the
hospital has is the type of nurses that it employs. She believes that the
nurses there are more compassionate than at other facilities. She stated that
the needs and weakness of the hospital are one in the same, and could be
defined as the lack of engagement of the bedside nurses to engage in the
betterment of themselves and the organization, such as becoming involved in
professional counsels or unit counsels such as the UBC (unit-based counsel).
She mentioned how it was like pulling teeth to convince the nurses to increase
their knowledge base and go back to school. She is certain that if more of the
nurses obtained their bachelorette degree, it would change their thinking when
at the bedside. She states that when a nurse achieves that degree it changes
the way a nurse thinks at the bedside and that if all the bedside nurses where
to receive that degree it would increase the patient satisfaction as well. 

The Difference and

Nearing the end of our hour-long conversation I inquired about
the difference between Lakeland Regional and other organizations. She smiled as
she answered this question, she indicated that the difference is Lakeland
Regional Health is a big city hospital that still holds a small-town feel. She
feels that the administration holds a “family feel” and stays in tune with the
bedside nursing staff. She went into further detail to explain that the use of
transformational leadership is how the administration addresses the staff’s
needs regularly and by doing so they are able to continue to create a healthy
work environment that is professional, collaborative, respectful, and safe.
Bottom line, the hospital is all about the patient and that other intuitions
don’t quite see it that way yet, which continues to give Lakeland Regional
Health the advantage. All in all, Lakeland Regional has been a place of growth
and hard work and Jackie Yon is proof of that. She has only worked other places
for a total of three years out of her 46-year nursing career. What Lakeland
Regional Health offers is more than what a patient would receive at other
facilities and with the way things are continuing to grow they will continue to
be at the forefront of patient care.










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