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Rules are a set ofguidelines that must be followed to maintain a specific conduct of behaviourthat help in delivering a systematic approach to operations management. Withinrules, there is two distinct categories that each have their own characteristics:one being People and two being Processes.With people, staff orcustomers, one must demonstrate: Fairness,Firmness & Consistency (Keegan, 2017). While with Processes it’s a setof actions than actual rules, them being: Look,See, Understand, Think & Do (Keegan, 2017).People are basicallytools that keep a business running. The idea between the three rules for peopleis that they should basically be treated fairly, a firm standing on the waythings are conducted needs to be applied and consistency on dealing with matters.

For example, FedEx adopted Lean and, with that built collaborativerelationships. The idea was to create fair flow of information and goods withits carriers. They wanted to get a firm grasp on waste management thus solveproblems effectively and consistently with their carriers. (Taylor, 2006) Thisnew relationship would help its business run smoothly in turn delivering realgains for operations. The concept for processes is to look at youroperations, see what’s happening, understand what’s going on, think of how toimprove and then do it. (Keegan, 2015, Pg.31). This is quite important as givesyou guide of how to understand your operations.

This was the case for Trumpf,which is German builder for machine tools when Matthius Kammuller was able to lookand see that its company had an “unsystematicmanufacturing, postponed deadlines, and excessive inventory” (Roser, 2014).Since he spent time at a Bosch joint venture in Japan he understood whatessentially was happening and thought of a new way to get things done. Hedesigned a new production system, Synchro (Synchronization of man, machine,market, and material), (Roser,2014). As we can see these eight rules are veryimportant for the success with the environment of operations management. 

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