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    Rock and roll was a revolution
that changed the world. At
the beginning of it is existence, Rock became the number one enemy for the
ideology of the authorities of the entire world covered by the mental
revolution concerning the change in the collective consciousness of the first
generation of the postwar world. It is worth noting that , no one bode so
astounding success to rock and roll at the time of its birth in the United
States of America. A dozen or so years later, the largest number of new bands
playing this and related music styles were recorded in Great Britain, and the
largest sales market for their records was just the Old Continent, on whose
basis rock culture flourished. Despite the existence of the Iron Curtain and
the obvious barriers dividing the capitalist world from the communist
controlled by a strong hand from Moscow, it was impossible to protect it from
the new wave, rock, and roll.
Sources differently state the date of the first rock recording, but for sure it
was the 1950s decade, that brought rock and roll music to the top. The
precursors of rock was such people as: Elvis Presley, Bo Diddley, Ritchie
Valens, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Buddy
Holly, or Eddie Cochran. Rock and roll has been also more musically progressive
comparing to the genre that have created it, blues. The uniqueness of rock n
roll revolution is consisted in unprecedented combination of various phenomena
in one place, such as fashion, specific language and way of moving, or even the
length of hair. All of that factors combined have allowed for the creation of a
new culture.
Big feature of rock that decided about his
great success among young audiences was spontaneity. Simple and direct music
and lyrics were performed with extraordinary freedom and honesty. It was even
more obvious because often the performer was also the author or a song. The
behaviour of musicians on stage was very spontaneous, sometimes even deviant.
That style was initiated by Elvis Presley, the king, and one of the most famous
representative of rock and roll. Over the following decades, rock music has evolved taking
on more and more provocative forms, often causing a scandal among the
representatives of the pre-war generation of conservative Americans.

      The history of rock and roll began
in the southern states. During World War II, a quarter of the population of the
US was about to transfer – people migrate from the village to the city and vice
versa, and this trend caused a collision and infiltration of urban and rural,
religious and secular trends in music. After the war, a period of recovery
began, so people were still able to pursue personal goals. There are new ideas
and freedom. The “rhythm and blues”, a commercialized version of
black jazz, played since the 1930s mainly by provincial and rural folk
musicians, enjoyed great popularity, especially among the Negro part of the
The first person to use the name “rock and roll” was Alan Freed, a
disc jockey from Ohio. That’s what he called the amalgam of rhythm, blues and
country music that he played on his radio show. The sponsor Frida, who was also
the owner of the record store, has encouraged Freed to use it because he wanted
to popularize new sound and sell white racial music to the consumers. (It was
an obvious thought since black and white population imbued with a new style of
rock and roll that reduced racial tensions of the period. White performers
played for a black audience, black musicians find answers among white
audiences.) Under this term “Rhythm and blues”, now “rock and
roll”, Alan Freed began his career with listeners of different skin
colors. His success encouraged white performers who enriched traditional blues
in the Yankee style of “country and western” (cowboy folklore). It
turned out that this mix made a real sensation among young fans of light music.
The new style was especially popular among teens, giving them a sense of
belonging. The rock-n-roll style have created a subculture. The youth express
that not only in music, but also in the style of clothes, hairstyle, a certain
slang. The conservative society was very unhappy with these trends, and have
committed many attempts to prohibit the broadcast of rock “n” roll on
the radio, accusing the lyrics of promoting sexual crimes.
There are several variants of the interpretation of words that make up the
title “rock and roll”. The expression was originally described by the
ship’s movement on the waves. Later, the word “rock” in the meaning
of “shaking” was used to refer to religious black Christians and more
slang were in fashion among young blacks as a synonym of dance or sex.
     Technologic development level also
had influence on rock and roll burst. Creation of radio helped musicians to
share their music to the world. Inventing a television left even more space for
music in radio stations.
      Rock recorded a growing popularity from day to
day. Significant influence was noticeable around the world. The lyrics of rock
and roll songs were much more socially suggestive than in other genres. Young
people, who has been a passive witness to the events so far, expected an
alternative in which they could express their rebellion and lack of acceptance
of reality. They found it in music, with which they began to identify – rock
‘n’ roll. Rock offered them a world they had never known before, completely
different from the one in which they lived and functioned. The music and
subculture that developed around it was the most sincere expression of the
rebellion that had long been in the minds of young people skeptical of the
surrounding reality. All the features that they were looking for in the idol,
which can be imitated, had in themselves Elvis Presley, the most popular
musician performing the rockabilly, a combination of blues, country and boogie,
which is the earliest form of rock ‘n’ roll. His rebellion consisted in
breaking the conventions and rigid rules in force in the United States, the
times of McCarthy, by introducing, as part of his performance, a stage movement
consisting of a provocative dance and a characteristic outfit. Presley was also
the first rock riot. That image of musician was completely different comparing
to the one from blues years. Rock and roll was also a kind of manifestation of
the youthful will to live, and it is dynamics and rhythm were to express the
mood of the young generation and its rebellion against rigid social
conventions. I their opinion it has hindered achieving the simplest and most
important things: happiness and love. Now, not only the “king” Elvis
mentioned several times, but also, or maybe first and foremost, young
musicians, had something much more important than their predecessors.
For the first time,  people started to
talk about the problems faced by ordinary people publicly:  the lack of mutual acceptance, racism and
social divisions, as well as the current political situation, directly and
mercilessly pointing rulers mistakes, which often resulted a law consequences
for the indomitable artists.
When it comes to music compositions, rock and roll tunes were a step forward
comparing to blues. Rock and roll songs were more simple on rhythmic and
harmonic level comparing. Rock songs have been faster, and had more aggressive
sound, for the first time in existing music. Regular rock band now had a lead
guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass guitarist, piano player, and the drummer.
Singing was also often polyphonic. Rock music has also evolved with time. Drugs
usage has also influenced on creation of some rock genres, since they became
more popular in the music community in the middle sixties. One of them was acid
rock, that took the place of folk rock, whose name comes from lysergized acid, called
also a LSD, popular drug among rock musicians. Artists who had represented that
genre were playing psychedelic music, full of dissonance. It was far from the
classical, melodic, “rock and roll”. The point of acid rock was to
“present” the experience of narcotic visions after taking marijuana, heroin and
LSD through music to the audience. Psychedelic songs brought fame to Jefferson
Airplane, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and above all to Jimmy Hendrix. Acid rock
is just one of the subgenres created on rock music. The seventies were marked
by the richness of rock styles, which began to be influenced by elements of
black (funky) and Latin music. The final point of this transformation was
“jazz rock” represented by bands that initially played classic rock:
Blood Sweet and Tears, Soft Machine, Jeff Beck Group, as well as jazz soloists
like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and John McLaughlin. The development of
studio recording techniques has resulted in the creation of symphonic rock.
In the 1960s, it was hippies who picked up the idea of ??transforming
the world and started to create a new lifestyle. This subculture promoted free
love, living in communes, a world without money, pacifism. Flower children, as
well as themselves, were referred to by hippies, in accordance with the
“Make love, not war” principle, they protested against the Vietnam
War, opposed conscription to the army. This movement developed mainly in the
In the 1970s, David Bowie appeared on the music scene –
having a unique cold vocal, enjoying singing about sexual perversions, mental
illnesses and nihilism. Great success was gained by the British band Queen with
a charismatic soloist Freddy Mercury, owing the world success to a diverse,
richly-designed repertoire.
At some point, rock became too complicated for immature listeners. The reaction
to this phenomenon was on the one hand the appearance of many young performers
modeled on popular music (for example Swedish Abba). On the other hand back to
old, known styles: rock and roll and country (Creedence Cleawater Revival, The
Band) and the looking for simplicity, which has been reflected in the works of
the Beatles and the popularity of James Taylor and Neil Yung.
On the other extreme there was “heavy rock”, a loud, based on the
harmony of Hammond organs and a blues electric guitar, performed by British
bands: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath. Between these
genres, there was artist who created more melodic and dynamic (sometimes very
progressive) music, for example Pink Floyd, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis
and The Moody Blues. In the second half of the seventies, rock benefited from
the reggae developing in the negro districts of the big cities and that is how
punk rock was born. Classics of this music have become such groups as The Sex
Pistols and Jam. At the end of the decade, the popularity of discos, dance,
sung by Donne Summer, Gloria Gaynor and Boney M.

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The rock’s features are its massiveness and identification with the generation
that listens to it. Rock music reflects the views and feelings of a given
generation. Rock created a generation that wanted to change the world. Rock
music has never been a uniform genre. It is associated with a sense of freedom,
great creative freedom and mixing of different styles. There are numerous
varieties of rock music: author’s song, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, glam
rock, punk, hard rock, heavy metal, New Wave, grunge, blues, electro, folk,
country, funk. Currently, rock has become a full-fledged genre of popular
music. As the popularity grew, it is alternatives and elitism disappeared. Rock
is a good, commercial product and permeates many areas of everyday life. The incredible success of rock
and roll as popular music of America was the triumph of youth culture, which
transformed the country’s music norms. Despite the objections and critical
opinions of the leaders in the filming and musical industry, teenagers managed
to impose their will on the masses.

Borrowing heavily from the
musical traditions of black and white southerners, rock’n’roll pioneers in the
mid-fifties combined elements of both to create music that consciously rejected
the conventions of those times, yet it turned out to be a success beyond the
boldest dreams of the creator. A powerful black element in music heralded new
opportunities in interracial relations. Certainly rock ‘n’ roll has enabled
greater acceptance, appreciation and wider audience for black culture. But
ultimately, the triumph of rock and roll signaled the advent of the new
generation, whose norms, culturally, intellectually and politically, were often
in sharp contrast to the generations directly ahead of him. The power to break
the rock’n’roll generation with previous attitudes, which for the first time
appeared musically, would be full of fruit in the social and political
upheavals of the sixties.

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