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        Roberta Lynn Bondar is strong, courageous, the second canadian to fly in space after Marc Garneau, and Canada’s first female astronaut to set foot in space. Roberta Bondar was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on December 4th, 1945. Roberta had always had a love for science from younger days.

        Roberta’s childhood was filled with people who were always helping and encouraging her from education and jobs to life skills and her own family. Roberta’s family included of her dad Edward, her mother Mildred and sister Barbara. In 7th Grade Roberta even had her own lab in the basement where she could learn and study. Roberta Bondar completed elementary and secondary school in Sault Ste.Marie and then moved on to Guelph University where she got a degree in zoology and agriculture in 1968 and a Master of Science. Soon after in 1974, she received a doctorate in neurobiology from the University Of Toronto.

Shortly after this she became a medical doctor and continued this job until she heard about the Canadian Astronaut Program in 1983, and signed up immediately. In 1983 her dreams were starting to become reality, she was selected as one of six astronauts to fly in space. She then moved to Ottawa to start training.        Roberta faced many different obstacles in her life. Between 1983 and 1986 she trained really hard and was ready to go in space but an explosion ina deployed aircraft delayed her.

The agency ended its investigation in 1989 and it was announced that she wouldbe next astronaut to go into space but again there was a fuel leak which delayed her another year. Roberta Bondar was afraid that her dream wouldn’t be a reality but she didn’t give up.        Because of Roberta Bondar’s courage, she accomplished many great things. After many years of waiting, Roberta Bondar blasted off into space on space shuttle “Discovery” on January 22, 1992. In space, she conducted many different experiments that helped scientists including herself study the changes of the human body in zero gravity. After landing back on January 30, 1992, she received many awards including the Order Of Canada and many honorary degrees from many universities.

Not only does Roberta Bondar have many talents but she also has many strong qualities. Dr. Bondar is courageous, fierce and being the first woman in space, she inspired many people around the world. Roberta Bondar’s photography was published around the world and pictures of her were published in many books. Canada has honored Roberta Bondar by naming many different building after her such as “Roberta Bondar Pavillion” and “Roberta Bondar Public School”.Roberta Bondar taught us that if you believe you can do something, you can do it.

She showed and proved to us that with hard work you can reach the stars

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