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Rob Suskind created the book A Hope in the Unseen to show how an African American male in poverty tries receive a good education in Southeast Washington D.C (ghetto). Suskind found the main character Cedric Jennings and decided to tell his story. Cedric Jennings’ life was everything but simple. Never having the opportunity to take the short road , instead he was always forced into taking the long dark road and the stairs to success. Through Cedric´s eyes we got to see the struggle of trying to get a good education as an African American male in poverty. In A Hope in the Unseen the quote “Education is learning what you didn’t know you didn’t know.” is shown in Cedrics experience in and performance in college and high school by trying to adapt to the new learning environment. In high school Cedric did not feel challenged at all. He was given effortless worksheets, his mind was just to advanced for the level of work he was given but many students did not know how intelligent Cedric was because it would hide it and not show up to school academic functions only since the other students would make fun of him. Cedric started an M.I.T program and he realized he was 1 of 52 students. He was very shocked on how hard his classes were. His scores are too low, and he was struggling. Cedric was told that he was not M.I.T material and he felt less of a person. Facing many challenges but eventually makes his way to Brown University being unknowledgeable about the academic struggles he would face at the University. ¨He often feels like a foreigner, like one of those Asian kids he sees in the math lab who can barely speak English but can integrate fractions at blinding speed¨ ( Suskind pg. 190). Cedric is starting to feel like an outcast. He feels like a ¨foreigner¨ in his History of Education class. Thinking that he would enjoy his black professor but Cedric was very disappointed. Cedric felt as though he wasn’t as smart as the other kids at the college and wanted to leave. This was a huge transition for Cedric because he went from attending a school where the work was not challenging to attending a college where the classroom is very rigorous. Also, Cedrics experience in and performance in college and high school by trying to make friends and new relationships. Starting with high school, the only relationship that Cedric had was with his mentor Taylor and his mother. Taylor encouraged Cedric to do better academically, now they are a team. Phillip Atkins was not really Cedric´s friend because he himself is smart but is afraid to show it. Instead, he becomes the class clown and tries to deflate Cedric. Attending Brown University, Rob Burton is his roommate  during freshman year. At first they were both friendly to one another but things went left when Cedric became jealous of Rob´s popularity. In the dorm room, however, it is a war zone. He and Cedric did not speak and have taken back their shared property. They argue over noise and whose music is to be played or if the TV may be on. Even headphones do not solve the tension. It was hard for Cedric to adapt and make new friends in college because he did not have many relationships at home so he did not know how to cherish the ones he would make at Brown University and he was unaware that this would happen. Cedric was also use to being around black people at Ballou but attending Brown with predominantly white people it was a challenge to even make a friend.  In conclusion, Education will make you aware of things that you never even thought of experiencing and this is exactly what Cedric experience throughout high school and college with trying to adapt to the new learning environment and making new friends but it was all apart of him getting him education.

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