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Roads and Highways: The road network in India is divided in the motorways, highways and
rural roads. The private sector is helping many Member States to develop its
streets. The value of these projects is smaller that the majority of the
projects; NHDP is essential and provide a large entrance to other players.



Airports: There
are a total of 454 airports in India, of which about 90 are open for commercial
services and 16 are designated as international airports. The private sector
has invested in large quantities to improve the airport infrastructure, in many
cases, with the participation of the private sector in recent years in Delhi,
Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Estimates indicate that the passenger traffic
it is hoped that will rise to 320 million in 2022-23.

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Railways: The
railway undertaking in India has the fourth largest railway network, which
includes 115,000 km (71,000 miles) of the track a along a path of 65,000 km
(40,000 miles) and 7,500 stations. One of the main programs intended to attract
private investment is the project of the corridor of the dedicated load. The
project is intended to relieve congestion on the routes between Delhi and
Mumbai and Delhi and Calcutta for the construction of loading lines dedicated
to an estimated cost of US$6 billion-7 billions. The metro system of the city
came to India in great shape.


Ports: The
ports of India are classified as important and Non-Major ports.. The ports of
India manage more than 90 per cent of the trade of the country to the weight.
43 projects of expansion and modernization of ports are currently running with
an estimated cost of US$ 2 billion. The current capacity of the main ports of
India is 745 MMT against trafficking of 545.79 MMT 2012-13, giving them a
capacity utilisation of 73 %. The infrastructure of existing ports in India is
not large enough to handle the load increase, even where the ports have already
been modernised.

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