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Rise and
fall of Marxism in Russia

Research Question:

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Marxism spread in Russia and their influence on Russian communism?

political history about the class struggle between the proletariat (working
class) and bourgeoisie (ruling class) was deeply explained by the Marx and
Friedrich Engels and argued that why bourgeoisie (Ruling class) always dominate
the proletariat (ruling class), we have to escape the ruling class and there
should be no difference between the individuals all the opportunities should be
divided equally between both classes. The book the “communist manifesto” based
on the policy of communism was one of the good server for the readers in the
history of world which were published in 1848. The philosophies distributed by
Marx plays highly influential role in the development of communism in Russia
and highly appreciated throughout the world.

Thesis statement:

is centered on the idea of class struggle the proletariat against the
bourgeoisie and believed that the communist revolution could take place in
Russia for both ruling and working class that can bring equality and no one
judge on the basis of wealth and education but the coup diminished Gorbachev
power and propelled Yeltsin and the democratic forces to the forefront of soviet
and Russian politics and country broke up into fifteen independent states.

Literature Review:

Russian revolution explained by” Karl D. Qualls” faculty member of history
department Dickinson College in his article he explains the impact and
limitations of western influence and how the idea again
generated by the historians about first communist state after the collapse of
soviet union in the longer sweep of Russian history. Two interpretations are
found in this article first is about the Bolshevik revolution which was based
on the philosophy of Marxism and transformation of state and society and the
revolution period of Russia from 1905 to 1917.

Shleifer and Daniel Triesman” both are the Russian- American economists write
about the transformation and changing’s in Russia which will occur from the
communist dictatorship into a multiparty democracy. Basically the writing
focusing on the changing’s and problems after the fall of communism in Russia
also put light on the major changing’s occur from rise to fall of communism in
Russia in economic perspective and draw the reason about how the economic
position of Russia fall or rise with the rise and fall of communism in Russia.

article nationalism and collapse of soviet communism is written by the American
author “Mark R. Beissinger” in which he talked about the period of 1980,s and
early 1990,s what is the role of nationalism after the collapse of communism
and how nationalism should be considered the cause of the fall of communism,
nationalism within and beyond the collapse what are the reasons behind all
these scenario and share the weakness of the defence forces of Russia of the
soviet state.

the origin of Russian communism written by Nicolas Berdyaev first published in
1937 and then second edition in 1948 in which he talked about classical Marxism
and Russian Marxism that how Marxism spread in Russia and first generation of
Russian Marxism waged in the first place and also talked about the industrial
development in Russia also explained about the condition of pre-revolutionary
Russia and Russian communism that how Russian revolution takes place and
Lenin’s thought he further talked about the relationship between the
Christianity and communism and explained that philosophy of anti-Christian and
anti-humanist and explained how capital system is anti-Christian.

communist state were born after the collapse of Soviet Union. In the late 19th
century Russia start focusing on representative’s institutions and to develop industrial
state to strengthen economy, more open government, rule of law and markets will
be free from capitalism. There are two interpretations first the Bolshevik
revolution were followed by the western philosophy of Marxism which were based
on the development of economic and political culture. According to the Marx
development had to be organic and second the problems of inorganic developments
through a centralized leadership with a difficult relationship to the west and
to Russian’s own tradition.






are necessary steps taken by Marx forRussian society in which he taught that
industrialization and capitalization are very important steps must be taken by
the working class before arise and institute communism in Russia.

the Russian ruler was ruling Russian empire before the communist revolution at
that time Russian empire was a monarchy. During the time period of Marx
industrialization is at its early position and at that time Russia was largely
known as agriculture country and this is the main reason behind Russian
government didn’t focused on the threats given by the Marx. Marx ideas were
banned many other countries but allowed to be distributed in Russia.


and LeonTrotsky are well renowned Russianrevolutionaries who got influenced by
the writings of Marx and promote the communist ideas of Marxism through

the early growth of communism in Russia the spark Lenin was one of the most
strong personalities who promote communism in Russia after the removalof the
tsar regime,LeninBolshevik is one who spread communism in Russia. Russia come
into power and quickly absorb or removal of their social groups. He started
working on the goals after Marx but on smaller level. But there is believe of
Marx that communist revolution must be successful on the international level.

is a hard believe of Lenin on the idea of Marx that there must be the period of
dictatorship of the proletariat or working class in the society before reached
to true communism.

the era there is a brief fight for power between two chieflieutenants,
LeonTrotsky and joseph Stalin orLenin after the death of Lenin in 1924 

is a believe of Trotsky there should be the constant revolution in the world
for the survival of communism andStalin believed there is only way that
communism could succeed in a single state and it could  be working with other forms of government
until the working class of  that country
planned their own revolution.

the era of 1980,s and early 1990 Gorbachev and other Russian rulers
acknowledged that the communist party is failed to live and the rule of working
class was ended.



the origin of Russiancommunism by Nicolas Berdyaev first published in 1937 and
the second edition in 1948 in which he talked about the different aspects for
example economic

about the Lenin believe about Marxism he believed that the proletariat
revolution could take place very soon, there believe is that we are approaching
towards proletariat revolution he wants to see this revolution throughout the
world, but he was a Russian and he only do revolution in Russia.










dreams and soviet realities by “Ralph Raico” Cato Institute

brief history of Russia by “Michael kort” (university of California San

and collapse of soviet communism by “MARK R. BEISSINGER”

Marx yesterday and today by” Loy Menand” (THE NEW YORKER)







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