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Right from my school days, computers have always fascinatedme.

I always had the curiosity to know how computers work, which graduallybecome a passion for me. Before completing my high-school, I pretty much made upmy mind that I am going to make my career in Computer science and informationtechnology. And after taking admission in Information and technologyengineering, software development has become a way of life for me.I believe that myschooling has had a lot to do with the success I have enjoyed in my career sofar. I have built upon the strong foundation that was laid down during myschooling and was able to secure admission in one of the top engineeringcolleges in my state after graduating from high school. My undergraduate workin Information and Technology engineering has nurtured not only my analyticalskills but has also encouraged me to adopt the science of research and inquiry.It is this fundamental approach that has helped me discover my creativity whichhas served me well in a country like India where even qualified engineers runfrom pillar to post to get a job.During the final yearof my college, I could realize how my efforts have come to fruition when I satfor interviews of companies visiting my college campus to hire the bestengineers in the state.

I was absorbed by a reputed company ‘Tatvasoft’ as aSoftware developer trainee. The training provided by company certainly helpedme to bridge the gap between academia and industry. I was fortunate to haveenjoyed success while climbing the corporate ladder. I started making sampleprojects using programming languages and web designing during the trainingperiod. Very soon, I was allotted roles and responsibilities in live projectslike “Farso’s Folk App” and “Shipcom”, in which “Angular2” was a frontend frameworkand backend was managed using C# and SQL Server in the development. The mainobjective of the project “Farso’s Folk App” is tomaintain and schedule the daily activities of the company staff usingtimesheet, handle clients and their orders related to recycling, keep the trackof machines used in recycling and break down reports of the machines.

Whereas,”Shipcom” mainly focuses on the Authentication/Authorization with the CatamaranMiddleware using http and https, Demonstrate authoring content via screen buildersand wizards and Dynamic Horizontal Screen(Screen Builder), menu configuration,page navigation, master page and           vendor wise page configuration. I was involved inevery phase of the projects starting from requirement analysis, technicaldesign, development, user level testing, peer reviews, system testing anddocumentation. I always present my suggestions and queries in a very efficientway in every team meetings.  It wasduring these team meetings and daily client calls that, I realized that I havethe potential passion and capabilities to excel in the research field inSoftware development and web designing.After due considerationand brainstorming for about a year, I have made a conscious decision to pursue Master’sstudies. I have skimmed through a number of university websites and have hadconversations with my friends who are already pursuing Master’s course. Ibelieve xyz  University is just the place where I canlearn different approaches of computerscience.

As I am looking throughthe information given on the Website of xyzUniversity, I am extremely impressed with the highly qualified facultymembers, environment and facilities offer to its students by university. I alsoappreciate that the syllabus offered to students is designed to meet all thecriteria and demands of the present job scenario. Given these facts, I believethat here I can get a better platform to obtain advanced knowledge of the computer science field than any other university.

I am going to conclude that the Master’s program offered by xyz University is brilliantlystructured that fulfill all myrequirements. I believe that studying in your university with excellentfaculty, high-tech facilities; and most suitable environment are of maximuminevitability to achieve new heights in life.I am very much aware ofthe fact that pursuing this course requires a high level of cleverness,enthusiasm and incalculable sacrifice. I am very much sure that I have all thecapabilities to do best towards my course. I am waiting for your optimistic actof accepting me and granting me an admission in my desired course.

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